Completing the Narrative on Vietnam(SM).   Thomas F. Pike

What People are saying about The Secret NVA Deception Before Tet:

"Colonel Pike takes military writing about the Vietnam War to new heights.  It takes little imagination to hear the sounds, feel the wounds and the last sounds of young soldiers giving their last full measure of devotion.  While our participation in the war still unsettles many, the sacrifice of men, most still in their teens,  is uncontestible.  Pike gives voice to this agony with respect and devotion.  Those reading this book without tears are few, if any."

Charles A. Krohn
Author, The Lost Battalion of Tet
Silver Star, Hue City

“Frankly, I could not put this book down until I finished it.…readers will see that the execution of war is about people, young people who had [no] input into the decision that either killed them or scared them forever.  Yet, they displayed the best of human nature.

Most of the combat never made the nightly news. Yet, every day somewhere in Vietnam there were soldiers seeking out the enemy, and often finding an enemy unit that greatly outnumbered the hunters.  This book records such encounters… [and] demonstrates that strong and competent leadership can produce the very best inherent in our soldiers.”

COL (R) Robert L. Helvey
Former Commander of A Company, 2-12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division
Distinguished Service Cross, Que Son Valley,  7 January 1968

“The research is phenomenal...Colonel Pike combined detailed, exhaustive research and voluminous interviews to produce an outstanding account of the 2-12 Cavalry in the Que Son Valley.  He recounts both US and enemy at all levels from the individual soldier through small units (platoon and company) to larger units (battalion, brigade and division).

His book was most enlightening even to a person who was a company commander and
Battalion XO during the period in question.  Although it is difficult to express the magnitude of impact that the soldiers' bravery and camaraderie had on one another, Pike does so, definitively, with honor and grace."

COL (R) William I. Scudder
Former Commander of Company C, 2-12 Cavalry
and later Battalion Executive Officer