Completing the Narrative on Vietnam(SM).   Thomas F. Pike

Operations & Intelligence

III Corps Reporting: Tet 1969

Discover the documents, maps and photos from Tet 1969 around Saigon during the period  February to April 1969.   In 1969, the major headquarters in the III Corps Tactical Zone was the II Field Force- Vietnam, headquartered at Long Binh Post. By February of that year, intelligence had learned of a planned, post-Tet 1969 offensive through basic collection, the questioning of prisoners and captured documents. Units in III Corps responded by trying to locate and destroy these NVA and VC units before they could execute this large-scale attack. The NVA and VC initiated their expected offensive on 22 February 1969 by attacking several U.S. bases, to include the compounds at Bien Hoa Airbase and Long Binh Post. The overall scope of the initial attacks may have been uncoordinated, though the following week saw a dramatic rise in combat activity across the III Corps Tactical Zone as the NVA expanded the scope of their operations. Intelligence indicated the presence of the 7th and 1st NVA Divisions in the Saigon River area; specifically in the Michelin Plantation.

The 1st Infantry Division, 1st Cavalry Division and 25th Infantry Division jointly launched ten battalions into this area in mid-March to eradicate these units. Heavy fighting continued throughout the spring. The operational and intelligence reporting from February to April 1969 enables unique historical insight into the post-Tet attacks and follow-on operations. The intelligence reporting provides detailed assessments of NVA/VC activities in III Corps. These documents are enhanced by sketch maps and unique satellite imagery which provides additional detail to give a basic, historical look at large bases, B-52 strikes and major roadways.