Completing the Narrative on Vietnam(SM).   Thomas F. Pike

I Corps Vietnam

An Aerial Retrospective

This aerial retrospective of I Corps, Vietnam reveals rare aerial photographs as well as imagery from the first generation of U.S. photographic intelligence satellites known as the KH-4 series.  The program supported global reconnaissance and was used to produce maps for U.S. intelligence agencies.   This collection of images is a result of years of research and gives an exclusive look inside the war in Vietnam not seen before in this format.

· Khe Sanh and Lang Vei
· The DMZ, Con Thien, Ca Lu and Camp Carroll
· Quang Tri and Dong Ha
· Hue City, Phu Bai and the A Shau Valley
· Da Nang and surrounding districts
· The Que Son and Hiep Duc Valleys
· Chu Lai and Quang Ngai
· Kham Duc Airfield, Ngok Tavak
and more.

Over 200 pages.

Images From The Book 

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