4th Infantry Division Vietnam Veterans' Page

 Jeff Hawkins        hawks1986@attbi.com 4th    BCompany   1967   Crew Chief, Helicopter Gunship   SP/5      Vietnam Svc, Air Medals  
I remember arriving in a world that was like no other I had ever seen.  I was a scared kid trying to act brave and when I saw this "world" I was immediately struck by how I was about to be involved in something I could never had imagined.      We came under fire so many times most are just a blur, but I can recall a few times, one in Dak To (During Tet) that made me think my life was about to end.We were escirtung MediVac Choppers in to extract wounded when the CO on the ground radioed to us that there were bad guys and he would pop smoke.  After he popped smoke the entire side of the mountain opened fire on us.  I can still hear those sounds today.  All I could think of was my fellow soldier on the ground and what could we do to help?  We expended our entire load or armament on target and returned to the Dak To airstrip and refuled, rearmed.  While I inspected my ship for any damage. We had taken 22 rounds to the a/c so we had to return to Camp Enari.    LookingFor:  Anyone who was in B Co, 4th Avn, 4th Inf, during Jun 67 thru Jun 68.   I am so ashamed to admit that the only name I can recall is Bob Keller.

Norris Moegerle         norrisandjan@sky-access.com 39th Medical Detachment  1968  Worked at Dental Unit   Sp/5;  Awards:               Meritorious Unit Citation  Dental Assistant for the 39th Med. Det.  We were a dental unit attached to the 4th Inf. Div.  Charles Lightsey of  Waycross, GA 1/12INF   CCompany     1968     inf  pfc   FirebasesLZs:        brillopad  

Meraldo Arroyo Pagan    mapaaaic@coqui.net 1st. Brigade    HHC,   1967,    36k20    E4;   Awards:               Service Medal with 4bronze Stars I never received such decorations   FirebasesLZs:        Dakto, Dong Ho, Phu Bai, Quan Tri  It was in Camh Ramh Bay, was moonsoon season. Later ,I went to Jackson Hole near   the border, was jungle.    I was wonded by a fellow american soldier. It happen like this, We were working in   a detail putting granades in   small lagoon, tying to Bo wire.Then we left in truck, he stop  and he threw it,   a litle piece hit  me close to my left eyes losing vision
and a scar. The fragment hit the sensitive nerve. After a short operation,   I was back to my units. I dont receive purple heart. But the soldier just received article 15...   I want to salute  Stwart Williams Cramer Turner  I was a convoy driver, carryng equipment   also troops to Camp Evans and to the DMZ 

QUALLS JERRY G.     quallslaura@cbcglobal.net   1st bn. 8th.inf.    BCompany  1969    11820 11b40   e3  FirebasesLZs:        hardtimes,vc valley
when i got off of the plane i knew iwas in big trouble.cam rahn bay inbound rockets headed straight for bunkers.   CircumstancesUnderFire: my first time lz larry  sniperfire.  Wounded: no was lucky srung ankle blowout eardrums.     LookingFor: the one thing that i truly regret is we    only used nicknames sugarbear babyface tennessee alabama. etc.  I was in infantry unit until they sent the colors home then went to mech. unit     drove over the same places thatwe  humped over  

Dean Northcutt    northcuttd@charter.net 3/12 Infantry   BCompany  1968- 1969 1542 Infantry Platoon Leader   RankinVietnam:       1st Lieutenant
Awards:              CIB, Bronze Star, Viet Nam Service, Viet Nam Campaign, Army Commendation Metal X 2, Viet Nam Metal of Honor-Officers
FirebasesLZs:        FB 6 on Hill 990, FB 32 on hill 1001,  etc.    After arrival, it got worse with monsoon rains at Camp Enari near Pleiku.  Convoy trip from Pleiku to Dak To was never a pleasure trip.   Under Fire:  North of Dak To near Dak Sang. September 1969.  B Co. 3/12th along with one other company of 3/12th were on hill 851 when NVA attacked positon. Came under fire while on Helicoptor south of Mang Yang Pass in December during attempted insertion. Bird was hit several times, no troops hit. Ambushed in canyon area near Camp Enari. No hits.
I was not wounded.  I lost 5 of my platoon m  embers in two different fire fights.   Most wounded.   LookingFor:  David Malone of Alabama and others
Platoon leader from July 1968 to February 1969 in Dak To, Kontum, Pleiku area.  OIC of 4th Infantry Division Chu Hoi training group at 4th Infantry Division Training Detachment.  Trained ex-NVA and ex-VC to be infantry scouts for our units.

RLRandal    musicagent@sbcglobal.net 4th M I   1968   96B   SSG, Awards:               VS, ACM, DS,   FirebasesLZs:        LZ Incoming and Brillopad Dragon Mt
I remember the warm humid air as the plane landed at CamRhanBay and the fishy smell and burning shit smoke smell...after check in... I was assigned to supervise a detail loading transports for homebound materail.... I was so tired that I fell asleep in a hooch with no roof and a 122mmm attack and assault on the perimiter woke me up and as I looked up at the nightsky, from the floor of the hooch, a c-47 "spooky" came on location and the buzzsaw poured a red stream of tracers at whatever and I turn over and went back to sleep...
Underfire several times... Flying through the Plei Trap Valey in a Bird threw Antiaircraft fire green tracers and called in Air and Artillery Fire to take them out.... secondary explosions told the story...       Wounded: sniper fire took out our jeep and caused it to roll over... Medvaced my passenger to HQ Base infrimary...  LookingFor:  Jerry Birdsall     I was assigned to the 4MI Detachment and worked recon patrols on the ground and in the air as an air observer...pulled convoy duty to Quin Hyon twice... worked recon duty with a LRRP detachment... assigned to recruit Montinards for scouting... all in all worked the spook missions into Loas and Cambodia... toured Central Highlands... 

John E. Bucanis     pierfisher2@comcast.net 4th MP Co,  HHC 1966   Military Police  Spec 4; Awards:               VN Serv, VN Camp, VN Gallantry Cross; FirebasesLZs:        Pleiku, Camp Enari, VN   We arrived on the troop ship Gen. John Pope and we arrived on the beach like they did in the 2nd WW. I thought we were going to be fired on and we didn`t have any ammo.   LookingFor:  Anyone with the 4th MP Co. from 66-67.

Boyd Hunter   boydhunter664@AOL.COM 4TH Engineers    DCompany   1969    Medic    E-4 AND E-5    Awards:              Army comamdation
FirebasesLZs:        LZ Oasis  UnderFire:  Mothers day May 10th or May 11th 1969 L.Z   Oasis.  I was a medic in the field with the 4th Enginerrs battalion C AND D Company.   Also base camp six months at camp Enari 


Vernon Givens   vernongivens@netscape.net 4th Avn. Bn.  BCompany 1968- 1969     Armorer/Door Gunner  RankinVietnam:       Sp5/SSG
Awards:               Viet.Svc.,Viet.Cam.,Arcom,Air Med.   FirebasesLZs:        Throughout highlands  LookingFor: Anyone in the unit at that time.
Art Bergeron   UserEmail:           virginia_cajun@yahoo.com 2nd Bn (Mech) 8th Inf   HHC 1969-1970  I was the Battalion correspondence clerk.; PFC-Sp5; Awards: Army Commendation Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster  FirebasesLZs:        Camp Enari, Camp Radcliff   I flew into Camh Ran Bay at night and recall the pilot of our commercial plane joking about the conditions on the ground being "light to moderate ground fire." We could see choppers firing their machine guns off in the distance.   UnderFire:  We were under fire at both Camp Enari and Camp Radcliff from rockets. On one occasion at Radcliff, VC sappers came in through the wire and blew up a barracks and part of the airfield.  Never wounded.  LookingFor: Anyone who worked with me at Battalion HQ, particularly Dennis Dickerson, who was from Louisville, KY.  

William E. Coleman      GailColeman2003@yahoo.com   1st BN   BCompany   1968  1969 1st seg.    E-8  Awards:           The 3 Vietnam service medals, Vietnam Svc.   Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:     Kontumb and Pleiku  I arrived in Vietnam in September 3, 1968 to March 1969.  LeadersInUnit:  Capt. Towers  I would like to hear from anyone who may have been in my unit.  I was their 1st seg. so I would like to hear from anyone who might remember me.  

Troy G. Vinyard  vinyardt@charter.net 981st M.P. Sentry Dog Detachment, to Charlie Company 54th Infentry at Camp Enari.     1970    Pleiku then Ankhe as dog handler.  RankinVietnam:    E-4  Awards:           No, though I felt if I didn't belong to C-Company as an attachment I would have at least been awarded the Bronze star.  Others were recognized for far less but we were only detached to them for support like rations, quarters, and some administrative.  FirebasesLZs:     Cam Rhn Bay, Pleiku, Ankhe.  I arrived at Cam Rhn Bay in a C-147 (I believe) from Okinowa along with 23 other Dog Teams.  We had no weapons, were full of anticipation and concern.  When taking our dogs off the plane (two palets of kennels) I saw a sign "stay of the grass".  Couldn't be all that bad, right?    UnderFire:   At the amo dump dog teams were used on the perimeter at night.  I was reasonably new so I worked my dog according to the training we had.  My dog made contact with a sent cone and I followed it to the chain link fence (good perimeter).  I was sure it was a good alert but being 20 and unsure of myself I backtracked 200 yards then slowly crossed my assigned area.  Again the dog alerted and I follwed it to the fence.  I had no doubt what I was dealing with and all the terain was facing the mountains meaning no one should be in the area at all.  I radioed the information in and requested to fire.  I began to fire patterns (at night you use memory on the terain) mentaly picking unseen targets.  Shortly two jeeps arrived with M-60's mounted.  I explained what I knew and where I was directing my fire.  They wern't familier with using wind direction and speed to judge direction or distance.  They began to fire and also directed two other towers to direct their fire on the tracers.  At this point I had pulled back from them due to controling the dog and my M-16 didn't add much to the fire power that they had.  We had no return fire.  The next moring C-Company sent out a platoon to sweep the area we fired into and discovered three bodies.  The were brought back to camp Enari on a 2 1/2 truck.  Another dog handler happened to be there and came to get me from where I was sleeping.  I started to get dressed to what it was from the night before but the guy said "brace yourself" and I just looked at him.  He said they had brought in an old man and two boys.  I quit putting my pants on and just sat there.  We didn't have much to say to each other but he asked if I was going down ther and I said, yes. I just wasn't mature enough to deal with what I had just learned.  I only remember that I felt very diffrent from the other dog teams and within a month had been transfered to Ankhe.  I can remember not doing my job right many times but this time I did it right by the book and the results were devastating.  I resent our Lieutenant for not talking with me about it and only shipped me out to another location.   LeadersInUnit: I can't remember but if I heard the name I think it would jog my memory.  As I'm typing the name Fontain or something like it sounds familliar.  LookingFor:  A guy name Gukie from PA.  He was later stationed at Ft. Hood then discharged.  DeceasedMembers: After arriving in Ankhe I became friends with a Bob Smith who later shot himself (he     lived) in Da Nang when Ankhe closed.  I went home and he was transfered North.  I am so sorry and think of him often.    I remember the operation going into Cambodia and the resulting negative news relating to it.  Kent State, etc..  I was involved with one fire fight at night at the base of Hon Cong mountain (first time I had seen white tracers) and the normal morters though I will say we were mortored very little after the push into Cambodia.  The V.C. didn't have much to fight with. 

 Francis (Frank) Rayer         frankrayer716@netscape.net 4th Engr Bn   DCompany   1968   Demolition Expert, Repelling Platoon  e-4  Awards:           Bronze Star with V   Looking for anyone in my unit at the time;  FirebasesLZs:     Karen, Bridget, Oasis   UnderFire: CHU PA Mountain

 Arturo De Leon-garcia  UserEmail:        deleonent@aol.com 4th Medical Battalion   BCompany    1967- 1969 RankinVietnam1:   Clearing Paltoon Sergeant
RankinVietnam:    E6?E7;  Awards:           Army Commendation, Bronze Star, FirebasesLZs:     Jackson Hole, Oasis, Dak To

 Santos J   santosjn@yahoo.com 1st BN 12th Inf    BCompany 1968  11B10   RankinVietnam:    PFC awards:           CIB, PH, VN CAMPAING, VN SVC RIBBON, ND  FirebasesLZs:     BLACKHAWK, MARYLOU  

Ron Donahey    alaron@ptialaska.net 2/8th  ACompany  1966  Medic assigned to A-Co.  combat medic  RankinVietnam:    SP-4  Anchorage, Alaska
UnderFire:   A-Company and B-Company 1966-1967   LeadersInUnit:   Capt. Jones (I think) CO A-Company  Dr. Salall, MD (Not sure of spelling)
DeceasedMembers:  A fellow medic - Allen Gilmore KIA  

Ed Pavlat   epavlat@cox.net 1/12th Infantry  BCompany    1969   E-3  I remember hitting turbulance on the flight over from Japan and thinking we were getting attacked. It turned out to be massive thunder storms. I arrived at about 3 AM and wondered if I would have to fight my way off the plane. Needless to say I was young and impressionable. My barracks did get mortared my third day in country. Nothing very close but I had to cover myself with a mattress and go to a lower level. I was shipped North to Pleiku and joined the 4th infantry division and within 10 days I was out humping the boonies. This only lasted about 4 months as I was diagnosed with a bone disease in my knee and shipped back to the real world. I still have vivid memories of going out on "Ambush" and LP's, looking back on this I'm still amazed I survived. Cutting our way through the jungle was no fun either but to this day I feel lucky not to have been stationed in the Delta area to the South.  Nothing major, just sporadic snipers and occasional ramdom shots.

 william siegrist    wsieg914@aol.com 1st bat 12th infantry    ACompany      1969  infantry   spec 4  Awards:           army acommidation metal-combat infantry badge  FirebasesLZs:     incoming, milehigh, moby dick,etc   LookingFor:  Dave Rinard (Ranard) Indianapolis, Indiana 

Sgt Kozer-  Harold Lee Singleton HHC DISCOM HQ HHC     1969   HQ  Driver  HQ-3  RankinVietnam:    E-4; Awards:           Amry AdComm
FirebasesLZs:     Camp Enari   I ran convoys and ambushes and being fire at was a every day thing. I rode over 10,000 miles  from base to base and Lz to Lz  Ankhe  Driver  Mail carrier  

Merrill Setler     msetler@capecod.net 124th signal   CCompany   1968- 1969   52B30 gen. operator mechanic  RankinVietnam:    sp4    FirebasesLZs:     Dragon Mountain ,Blackhawk Firebase,May lou Firebase,a mountain yard village , and base camp (Pleiku)  First day there they had us mixing cement. I collapsed with heat stroke.  LeadersInUnit:  CAPT. ROSENTHAL First Lieutenant Mark Enari served as a platoon leader in Company A, 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division  On December 2, 1966, 1LT Enari's platoon was hit with heavy automatic weapons  from bunkers hidden at the base of a tree line. Five soldiers were wounded and pinned down in an open. To protect them, 1LT Enari stormed the NVA machine gun nest. In his effort, he was killed. Enari was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for valor.

Camp Enari was officially named in his honor.

Mark Butler      lancewood@earthlink.net 3/8   CCompany 1967   RTO/Rifleman  RankinVietnam:    E4;    Looking for anyone in my unit at the time
FirebasesLZs:     Jackson's Hole, Oasis, Hill 1338, Hill 850?  UnderFire:  May, July, October,Central Highlands  November, December, Mountains of Dak To
Wounded: Broken arm, Malaria, Ringing in Ears, PTSD  LeadersInUnit:  Captain Powers(KIA, Capt. Pratt &  Capt. Mirus   Lt. Barrett(KIA), Lt. Phillips  Sgt. Nelson(KIA), Sgt. Fisher(KIA), Sgt. Shuemaker(WIA)  Backpacked for a year in Vietnam with the  VC/NVA trying to kill me. 

 kris kogo   infantry 3/8 dragooons   BCompany  1967  lightweapons  RankinVietnam:    e4      purpleheart   plieku   ArrivalInVietnam:  by ship out of oakland, ca.  UnderFire:  dak to area on patrol  Wounded:  yes, motar frags , nov.11.67  I am actually the son of Richard "rick" Whitacre

Richard whitacre    mwhitacre@tpemail.com  ACompany 1966    late 68   infantry    spc5   FirebasesLZs:     dragon mountain  camp enarie  ArrivalInVietnam: I am actually the son of Richard "rick" Whitacre, im lookingfor anyone who knew him, he left Ft Lewis in 66 on a ship calles the USS Patch, and served in several units in the 4th, can anyone help me?  LookingFor:  carter scroggins socha carpenter halsey  

George J. Lisicki    GVeteran@comcast.net 2nd Bn 35th inf   HHC   1967  Battalion Personel Sargeant  RankinVietnam:    SSG E-6     Bronze Star, Vietnam Campaign, Vietnam Service Ribbon   LookingFor:  Captain Charles T. Law  

al wall      awall@shomepower.com 1 bn 12 infantry  CCompany    1969-   1970  infantry squad leader    sgt  Awards:     vietnam service, bronze star with v,      Looking for anyone in my unit at the time   FirebasesLZs:     pleiku, ahnke, schuller Cambodia may 11th, 1970. Sp4 James Olson was KIA . JAMES ROBERT OLSON was born on September 24, 1949 and joined the Armed Forces while in MIAMI, FL. At the age of 20, JAMES ROBERT OLSON was killed in Cambodia.  James Mcdaniel was WIA.  LeadersInUnit:   Co was Capt. Wade Nerrles Platoon leader was 2nd Lt Damato  no platoon sgt  LookingFor:   Jim Mcdaniel  Frank Green  I can't remember very many names  

Boyd Hunter   boydhunter664@aol.com 4TH MED 4THNGINEER BATTALION   ACompany   1968 AND 1969    MEDIC 4TH ENGINEERS,   PFC TO E-5
Awards:     ARMY ACCOMATION MEDAL,  Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:     OASIS  Arrival  yES I WAS A MEDIC WITH THE 4TH Engineer BATTALION SERVED 6 MONTHS AT BASE CAMP Enari and worked in the aid station there and 6 months in the feld with charlie copany and some time with Delta company 4th Engineers  UnderFire:  lz oasis May 11th mothers day 1969. A battalion size attach by north vietanm regulars at LZ oASIS. 11 GI KILLED THREE MISSING POW LATER i BLEIVE RETURNED. Myself and another medic from the 4th engineeer battalion Mr. Tom Manely was with me.   LeadersInUnit:  Dr. Rover captain camp Enari aid station can't remeber Delta company camander  LookingFor:  Medic Tom Manely andany other soldiers that served with me  

Elton Neal Wadley  najes@hotmail.com   1st bn 14th inf    RangerLRRP     1966-  1967   Squard leader/Plt sgt   SSG E-6,    bronze star,CIB,  Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  3rd Brigade Hill Pleiku     

john Buncak   jsbuncak@yahoo.com 4th Avn Bn   ACompany  1969   Plt Ldr, Company A, 4th Avn Bn  RankinVietnam:    Cpt, last tour,SSG,First tour
Awards:    Purple Heart, Air Medal, Plus the normal Svc Ribbons and PUC's, GCM's,MSM,   Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:   Pleiku  ArrivalInVietnam: First tour 65-66 was with HHB,3/319th FA, 173d Abn as an Arty SSG LNO to the Inf.  My 2nd tour was as a Capt, Helicopter Pilot, Things were better organized the 2d time. i.e. the newbys were seperated and given basic in-county orientations,etc. This gave them a better edge then we had the first tour, coming in cold.  UnderFire:  Unknown, my aircraft went down 26 Dec 1969,somewhere in the mountains. This is basically all I know as I ended up with amnesia. A few vauge memories afterward, until I arrived at the 249th General Hospital in Japan.  Wounded: I ended up with 18 broken bones,mostly on the right side, arm and hand. I ended having some 21 operations over 27 months.  Was able to stay on active duty and retired a Major.   LookingFor: Warrant Officer Ayers  Just to recognize everyone who served.

 Bill Walker   walker5779@aol.com 4th S&T Battalion  BCompany  1967-  1968   Truck Driver/Reaction Force  RankinVietnam:    Sp4, Vietnam Service and my unit was awarded 2 Presidental Citations    Looking for anyone in my unit at the time; FirebasesLZs:     Camp Enari  I arrived in country on October 4th 1967 at Cam Rhan Bay. The only images of war I had in my head were from movies. As a result I was expecting to be low crawling as soon as the plane touched down.      Instead we were marched to a waiting bus. Where the driver sat smoking a cigarette, feet up, and reading a paper.        After loading, the bus we drove a short way and then stopped for a red traffic light. It was not at all what I expected.      That was the begginning. And like the song says. What a long strange trip it's been.       Cam Rhan Bay was very hot and we filled sandbags for 3 days.       I had orders in my hand for Na Trang. But things had gone badly up north. As a result they ripped up my orders and sent me to Pleiku.    I did not go through advanced infantry training. But on my first day with the 4th Infantry Division I found myself on a company sweep of the hills around Camp Enari.       That night I found out that using a poncho without a poncho liner will leave you as wet and cold as not having any cover at all.     Add to that the sniper fire. The constant artillary, and tracer rounds. I can safely say, my first night in the Central Highlands will always be remembered.       After returning to base camp I was assigned to the 4th S&T Battalion. Where I quickly learned to drive a duece and a half.      I drove on many convoys all over the Central Highland from Quin Yon to Bam Me Thout. I was also part of the Reaction Force. And humped on quite   a few patrols in the Pleiku area.  UnderFire: We were on a 13 man Recon Patrol inside the Tea Plantion. It was somewhere around late 67 or early 68. Just before Tet.    We had just finished eating. And were setting up our perimter. We also were assigning guard duty for the night.       When we heard movement in front of us. The Tea Plantation was a none NVA stronghold and we knew we were outnumbered.        We were strictly recon and were supposed to avoid contact if possible. We held our position and were hoping they would pass us by.     It was a very dark night and we could not see anything. We had not set up any claymores and we were very vulnerable.    Finaly we realized that they were not going to miss us. I stood up and threw a grenade into where they were walking.
     Right after I threw my grenade Hernadez who was standing to my right went to throw his. As it turns out Hernadez was left handed. His arm hit my right shoulder as he tried to throw. And his grenade landed directly in front of us with a thud.      It was to dark to see anything. I could not recover the grenade in time. So we both hit the ground. My grenade went off first. Then his.       Somehow the fragments missed us both. Then everything broke loose. Everyone was firing. And grenades were lobbed into our position.     We had a new medic with us. His first night. He was laying on the ground just to my left. And he took the brunt of one of the grenades. It ripped his leg wide open. I did what I could for him but we were still in a fire fight.
     A friend of mine name Walton was on the 60. He was laying down a solid stream of fire. But with each sweep of the 60 he got closer and closer to our position.    We were pinned down and could'nt move. The NVA were directly in front of us.       I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him to check his fire. But there was to much noise. He could'nt hear me.        There were 4 of us in our position including the wounded medic. I made a decision that I was going to have to shoot him if he did not stop his sweep.     The tracer rounds were a solid red line. Getting closer with each burst. I had no doubt the next sweep was going to kill all of us.  But God was with us that night. He stopped firing just as I was preparing to shoot. The fire fight was over and we moved away from the position.     We had to move fast because we knew the position was going to take mortars.    We made it to a clearing and got the medic medi-vaced out. I never told Walton about what had happened. Or how close I had come to making that horrible choice.    I was never wounded. But I did suffer a bruised heel from jumping off the back of a truck on our way out on patrol. The bruise developed into an abyses. And it put me in the hospital for 33 days.  I can't remember the Co's name. The night of the fire fight Sgt. Langston was in my position. And gave the order for us to throw our grenades.  When I first arrived in Pleiku. I drove on convoys to and from the battle of Dak To. I was also in Khan Toum during the Tet Offensive. As well as numerous convoys all over the Central Highlands.  

Richard Schlafer  rschlafer@cox.net 3 BN 8 Inf   DCompany    1969   11B     Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:     Hill 947
UnderFire:    Hill 947, WIA 

larry paitsel      paylast@msn.com     1-14th   ECompany   1968   medic    sp5  never forget the smell & the heat & the look in the eyes of the shortimers

 gene r. brown         gener.brown@cs.com 4 th m.p. co.  ACompany   1967   military police   Sp/4  Awards:      Vietnam Svc  Flew in  bien hoa, went by a group guys cheering us, they were going home, passed by buses with wounded in them, I thought great start.  UnderFire:  ran convoys between Camp Enari and Dakto, also south of Pleiku, every Tues. at 1 A.M. camp Enari   LeadersInUnit:   Provst Marshall Bill Sully, Sgt. Harvel, Lt. Troy  LookingFor:  Murray Greenstein, last known address Philadelphia, PA  DeceasedMembers: Tim Rawlins   ran convoys, guarded TOC areas, guarded air strips, base camp and town patrols, Camp Enari, Dakto, Kontum, Bam Teui    

Carl Bourgeois    buzzard6@istal.com E Co704th Maint Bat.   ECompany    1967-   1968   crew cheif  Huey   sp5   Awards:    air madals
UnderFire:  Took 3 rounds to tail boom. Coming back from Quin yon  LookingFor: Yes. Mckinnzie,Y we called him Max  Recovery team,pick up downed choppers  


Leroy Reliford Sr.        leroyrelifordjr@aol.com 2nd battalion   1966    fox trot  foot soldier   pfc  2E4       Looking for anyone in my unit at the time 
Arrival: It was hot as the devil. A whole lot of little people.  As soon as we got to Vietnam they split our battalion up some when one way and some the other way.   UnderFire: central high lands, snipers  LeadersInUnit:  Company commander, Lt. Skershaft   Platoon Sergeant (nick name Pop)  LookingFor:  Timbs barry-   DeceasedMembers:  Pil Porter  I was dark skinned and my fellow soldiers nick named me mountain yard/mountain bird.  The reason I was called this because of the Mountain yard people in Vietnam central high land.  My fellow soldiers knew I carried the over and under M79 and M16.  We had a small soldier in our company and we called him Charlie horse.  One of my best friends was Barry Tims and also one of friends was Porter Pil that got killed by our own troops while coming in from LP.  

John P. Anderson     johnp52048@yahoo.com HQ Btry 2/9 Arty    1967 to 1969   Information gathering   SP/5  Awards:           VSM, PH, VCM, & BS.    Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:     LZ Mile High, LZ 14, Duc Co,  Duc Pho, and Pleiku.  UnderFire:  VC Pass - Outside An Khe. We were in a convoy going toward Pleiku when we got hit with mortars and rockets. We were going around the hair-pin turn. I remember looking out and seeing wreckage just before they hit.  Wounded:  Yes - 120mm mortar. Late 1967.  LeadersInUnit:  SSgt. Starley, 1st Lt. Stacy, & SSgt. Tabonamah.
LookingFor:  Yes. Larry Pattberg and  John Toucharde.   Anyone in those AO's.  DeceasedMembers:  Many, but can't remember names.  Tet '68 - Fire support for LZ 14 and Brillo Pad. "Big Eye" on Mile High. Info gathering at Duc Co, Mile High, and surrounding areas.  

HENRY LAWRENCE POFF JR.     hpoff999@sbcglobal.net 124th signal bn. CCompany   1967   31m20- patrol leader divarty   sgt.e-5v   Awards:           vietnam service,  nat defense second award  Looking:          Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:     CAMP ENARI  We were under motar attack when we landing to arrive Vietnam on a c141 then sent off to some camp for in processing for a week then on to the 4th replacement for jungle training. then on to permant co. 124th sig bn.  UnderFire: leading a patrol, almost hit by sniper, also under rocket attack at camp 400 or more rocket 122mm holloway in jan 68 also at 4th inf in feb. 68 at company area total of 11 122mm rockets LeadersInUnit: plt sgt. langley i canot remember of the top of my head but could look inmy files  LookingFor: spc. jimmy joe jett california  DeceasedMembers: Spc, jimmy joe jett of la. caLIFORNIA

 Willie Phillips     ccp.wwp@statesville.net HHC   1967   Team Chief 4th Infantry Division Finance   CW-3  Awards:     Bronze Star    Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  Under rocket attack at Camp Enari, at night.   LeadersInUnit:   LTC LeBarbera(sp)

Bruce Royce UserEmail:        beroyce@msn.com 3rd Bn, 12th Inf, 4th Div   BCompany     1968   Rifleman    pfc   Central Highlands  UnderFire:  Very first hill I was droped on and into my unit. They came in at night with satchel charges and thru them into the bunkers, it was so dark I do not know how they new ware to go to find the bunkers. The two guard out front on came were never found that I know of. I saw one guy being taken out of a bunker when light came, only had one leg, but he was alive.    Paltoon Sargent was Dewey Parks  I would find it hard to beleave anyone would remember there Compay Commanders name. I don't think I new it even when I was there.  LookingFor: Dewey Parks, Al Hammer, Max Gram, Dick Cary, Roy Walker, Dumcaugh, 

Wayne Wright      wwright@wirefire.com 5th BN 16th Arty   HHC      1966 -1967  Commo section, message ctr   Spc 4  Awards:       Vietnam Svc   Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  LookingFor:  SSgt Lawrence Griffith  

michael t mckenna    michaeltmckenna@hotmail.com 2nd batt.8th INF 4th inf div  ACompany     1967    track veh. mech.    sp-4
Awards:     vietnam service      camp enari camphalloway  UnderFire:   yes many times  central highlands  Wounded:  no thank god but was hoping for   that million dollar get me home wound  LookingFor:  roy d. bryant or bryan  DeceasedMembers:  ambrose cerene  8/8/1941 - 11/20/1967  mech. in a mech. x unit 113A1's 

 JOHN R. KRIMM    jkrimmaemc@pol.net 4th Med Bn   CCompany     1968  medical corpsman   E3    Pleiku, Ban Me Thout, Dak Seang, Duc Lap

Thomas D. Teeples  UserEmail:        ourstars@hotmail.com 3 bn. 12 inf., 1st bge. lrrps, k co. 75th , 1st bn. 14th inf.   ACompany    1969-   1970
 did alot of pointman      pfc   

Frederick L Bradley      febhfb@concentric.net 704 Maintenance ECompany    1968   Radio Repair     SP 4     Looking for anyone in my unit at the time
I arrived at Cam Rahn Bay about 2:00AM on 12-7-67. I thought I would be killed the first night. It was hot. I didn't know where I would wind up. I was sent to Pleiku where I was at during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Around April of 68, I was transferred to MACV & assigned to an Advisory Team with an ARVN Unit out of Nha Trang. It was quite a year to say the least.   UnderFire:  Rocket, mortars, small arms, January 31,1968 at Camp Enari. We were hit several times after in the following days.   LeadersInUnit:  SSGT Alexander, Plt Sgt; SP5 Robert Fowler, Squad Leader. Others in my platoon: Tony Daquisto, Brewer(received Purple Heart), Ken Bristol,Kent Burchfield, Miles Hrakto, McBride  

John P. Anderson     johnp52048@yahoo.com 2nd Btn 9th Arty  Sept., 1967 to Mar., 1969    Weapon Support Radar Maint. and Special Info.    SP/5      Awards:      Purple Heart and I don't know the rest.   Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:     Mile High, 14, Duc Co, Kontum, Dak To, and all over the Central Highlands near the Cambodian Border.  Flew in to Bien Hoa. It was hot, humid, and SCARY!!!!!!!!!!  UnderFire:  Yes. LZ 14(Heavy Shit), LZ Mile High(Sniper), Duc Co(Incoming).   Wounded:  Yes. Oct., 1967 and Mar., 1969.   LeadersInUnit:  Lt. Staley, SSgt. James Starly, and SSgt. Tabonamah(Spelling?)  LookingFor:  Pattberg, John Touchard(Spelling?), anyone from A Btry., C Btry., 1/35 Inf., or 2/35 Inf.  LZ Mile High - Supported surrounding unit for radar coverage, maintained radars, maintained FADAC Computers, dispersed Krypto Codes and keys,and fire support.
LZ 14 - Krypto, repaired comm and FADAC equipment, and humped ammo.  Duc Co - Tracked NVA units across the Cambodian Border, directed fire support against NVA units, and helped Special Forces unit secure LZ after our unit left.  

Juan A. Roque  rivers3504@yahoo.com 3rd. Bn  4th. Infantry  Div.  DCompany    1968   1969   Infantryman    E-3/E-4  wards:       VN  SVC Ribbon  /  Purple Hearth    Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  UnderFire:    a lot of times...  Wounded:  Pleiku  1969  tramp valley  I step on a Punji Stake Tramp. I Get wonded in a helicopter crash bringing supplys close to our position . was in a fire support  point.   Infantryman  and mortars  . I was  at camp enari , pleiku and kontum.  

william J young    pcguy1@tampabay.rr.com 3/12 th  4th ID   ECompany    1968-  69   M60 gunner     sgt /ssg4  Awards:   CIB bronze star,Arcom    Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  FirebasesLZs:     1338, Dakto, and others  We were boxed in by a large number of NVA and had to shoot our way out. Relieved the 101 on 1338. probed by sappers frequntly. took turns at point. and was missed by a hair. when one jumped out from behind a tree. We frequently came under morter attack. this kind of stuff was a everyday thing  LeadersInUnit:  ssg William J Young Recon  ssg william J Young Dco gunner  LookingFor:  Lt james gilligan, Mario verdusco,  DeceasedMembers:  Sp4 James Hoffert, 9/7/1946 - 11/17/1968 

Porfirio Martinez, Jr.   rio-59@austin.rr.com 3rd Bn / 12th Inf    CCompany     1967  Sq. Leader 60MG  E-5  wards:      VS, BSw/Vdevise ,PH, VCM w/device, RVGC w/PUCB, CIB,NDM Arrived July 67 on a C141 it was very Hot. Troops everywhere arriving and leaving.  Asinged to HQ 3/12 no room, on loan to  C 3/12  Wounded:  Yes  2Gunshots neck   1gunshot to head  Nov.10, 1967  Dakto  LeadersInUnit:   Cpt.McDonald, Lt.Rodrigues    In memory of  all from Co.C 3/12 who gave there all.

Leroy Reliford Sr.     leroyrelifordjr@aol.com 2nd battalion   1966    fox trot  foot soldier   pfc  2E4       Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  Arrival: It was hot as the devil. A whole lot of little people.  As soon as we got to Vietnam they split our battalion up some when one way and some the other way.  UnderFire: central high lands, snipers  LeadersInUnit:  Company commander, Lt. Skershaft   Platoon Sergeant (nick name Pop)  LookingFor:  Timbs barry-  DeceasedMembers:  Pil Porter  I was dark skinned and my fellow soldiers nick named me mountain yard/mountain bird.  The reason I was called this because of the Mountain yard people in Vietnam central high land.  My fellow soldiers knew I carried the over and under M79 and M16.  We had a small soldier in our company and we called him Charlie horse.  One of my best friends was Barry Tims and also one of friends was Porter Pil that got killed by our own troops while coming in from LP.  

John Oscar Berhans   jacklucas81143@yahoo.com Co.c  2nd bn  8thinf.   4thinf.division and  ACompany     1970  rifleman private       Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  wounded at an kia, between 16 sept. 70 25 oct 70.  LookingFor:  s. allen clingfrost,  jesse crump,  babysun 

Tim McBride    webcity@fmtc.com  2BN - 8th INF  HHC 1969   Scout Zippos   E6    FirebasesLZs:     Oasis, Mary Lou, St. George, Black Hawk, Quarry, Blue River, VC Valley.  Wounded:  May 1969  Started as machine gunner in Scouts. Did Battalion Chemical Training and Inspections. When Flame tracks arrived in late 69 was assigned plt. sgt.  

Terry Longest    tlongest@alsde.edu DivArty    HHC   1969   unit supply clerk    E5  Awards:  Army Commendation      Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  I remember the humidity hit you like a wave when we got off the plane at 0700  LeadersInUnit:  SSG Joseph Tatone  LookingFor:  Tatone, Lera

john n. hazelton     john.hazelton@afit.edu 2nd Bn 8th Inf   HHC   1966- 1967 and 1970 1971  Senior Medic (91C)  SP/6
Awards:   CMB (66-67) 2 Bronze Stars and the Air Medal (70-71)     FirebasesLZs:     Camp Enari,Oasis,Firebase Mase (71)Phuoc Vihn,Bien Hoa 
Left Ft.Lewis in Aug aboard the USS Breckinridge.Stopped in Okinawa and 2 grunts from Ft.Campbell dove overboard and got drunk for 6 hours. Arrived at Quin Nhon and they opened up the side of the ship and we boarded landing bardges and were armed to the teeth with our empty weapons because our ammo was on the beach.We were nervous and then some guy goes by on waterskis.Somebody said "I thought we were in Nam?"
 Afew hours later we humped through Pleiku and into Dragon Moutain :Twin Titties".     We went by a sgt. cussing out a guy in the middle of the road and all that you could see was his head.He wiped the mud off of helmet to show his major leaves and the sgt.says that he didn't care because he told him to drive around that mud and now they were going to have to tow him and his jeep out.  Just came in from the field and we went to the"Oasis."
I was watching "Batman" and "Combat" in the aide station  when I heard firing on the perimenter.We started receiving "incoming" and they just started" walking" them in.   They brought wounded into the bunker and I stayed out under my cot and would crawl needed supplies to them.Was I scared ? hell yes!     We crashed for the night. The next morning the"idiots"lined up in the chow line and here came the fire again.I woke up and heard "incoming!"Before I could unzip my sleeping bag smeone tore through my net and over my bed and into the bunker and that when I went under my bunk.Aduce and a half had 105 roub\nds and mortar rounds on it when it received a direct hit and started showering sharpnel all over and through the aide station.When it was over, I was picking uo shrapnel and nose cones off of my cot.  The night before, were treating the wounded and they started firing again and we were going to run when a patient gave me that "don"t leave"look and so we stayed and covered the patients with our bodies.
 I received a minor wound in 71 but was too busy taking care of patients and never got it documented.  LeadersInUnit:  Sgt.Lazono was our medical platoon sgt.Sgt.Major George Green was our first sgt. at Ft. Lewis and came over with us.He was relly good/  LookingFor: Any soldiers who served with the 2-8th INF,  4th Inf.Div.who I helped to take care of.   DeceasedMembers:  SSg Walter Bucka.I'm sorry that we never kept in touch.
SP/4 Allen Gilmore, 6/9/1944 - 2/21/1967.  I'm sorry that I had to send you out forward but I was just doing my job.   SP/Joe Foran,  8/8/1945 - 2/16/1967.
When we were first in base camp 2 sgts. got drunk and blew themselves up trying to prove who was better at handeling claymores.

Gary Swanson    garswan@comcast.net 3rd bat. 12th inf  CCompany   1969-  1970  11b40    sgt, e5  Awards:   Army Comendatin Medal with "V" Device    Looking for anyone in my unit at the time  I remember when the airplane door opened, it was very hot and the smell of burning shit wafted up my nose.  Came under fire many times, that was my job!  Deceased members: Willart  Dieter
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