Military Records, February 1968,

3rd Marine Division: The Tet Offensive

Discover the original unit records of the 3rd Marine Division from February 1968 during the Tet Offensive. Explore unique, researched original documents, primary sources, maps, photographs, and even declassified satellite imagery. Discover the full scope of operations from Khe Sanh, Dong Ha, the DMZ and Hue through 3rd Marine Division records from February 1968. Enemy order of battle information permits an exclusive assessment of enemy activity on the battlefield.

Completing the Narrative on Vietnam(SM).   Thomas F. Pike

Marine Corps inputs to our webpage over the years:

Pete Bernath
Bernath@netscape.net3/9 Marines  67-68  Con Thien, Quang Tri,Rock Pile, Dong Ha    106gunner on O.P. One at Con Thien
Thomas W. Parker 2/1 Marines    1970    Da Nang  DODGE CITY,   S2 SCOUT SNIPER, HIT MINE JULY 25 1970
Ralph Clark
Was attached to 2-7,3-7,2-5,3-5,& 3-1 at hills 10,55,53,63,Charlie Ridge,Sand Dunes S. of Marble Mtn.& Hi Van Pass. Did what all engineers did then, Build roads & Helo Pads,look for mines& booby traps,Help Grunts when they needed it. 1967  Da Nang An Hoa    Elephant, Antenna Valley
Richard Constable
Lima 3/7   and Mike 3/1  1966, 1968  Da Nang, Con Thien, Quang  Tri, Elephant Valley, Dodge, Quang Ngi

Was all over that country with 3/7. Open up Hiway 9 with 3/1 in 1968. 0311 and 0351.Ron Gilbertson
1/7  1966  Quang Tri    pf hill, op rio blanca, op golden fleece  op wyoming w/ 2/5
H. James Guterba

L-3-7  1965-66  Chu Lai, Qui Nhon

I was an M-60 MACHINE GUNNER 0331 and squad leader with L-3-7 in 1965 and 1966. I took part in a variety of Operations ---STARLITE, PIRAHNA AND BLACK FERRET to name a few. I departed Viet-Nam April 13,1966 went on to college and I am now a High School Principal approaching retirement in a few short years. I recently returned to Viet-Nam in 1997 and 1999. I toured my old battlefields and AO's and virtually everywhere from Hanoi to Saigon and and everywhere else in between. They have been very memorable experiences.   Jim Guterba U.S.M.C.

81 mortars H&H 3/9 67-68 supported all major ops in I corps that bat. was involved in.  Con Thien, Quang Tri,Khe Sanh, Rock Pile, Dong Ha, Camp Carroll,   Gio Lin, Cam Lo

Roger Marvin Markle          
HQ Co. 7th Marine Regt. 1969 and 1970 WhereServed:  Da Nang  LZ Baldy(Hill 65) & Hill 55
I was a radio operator (2531), with a secondary of radio-relay operator.
Charles G. McMahon
H 2/5  1968 and Hue City.  I served with Hotel Company, 2/5, 1st MarDiv from 11/67-08/68.  I was a rifle squad leader in the 2nd plt. and one of the first units to arrive in Hue. We did not know that the NVA already held the city.  My squad's mission was to protect a truck convoy.  We had to fight our way through an NVA ambush to complete our mission.  My squad later rejoined the remainder of Hotel Company in the center of Hue.
Bob (Hobo) Hancox Mortars 2/12   1968      Con Thien, Quang Tri, Dong Ha
Steven T. Kraus Delta Co. 1-4-3    1967, 1968   Con Thien,  Gio Linh

I was one of only a few survivors at Con Thien after an ambush on May 8, 1967.  I've received two purple hearts.
Bob (Hobo) Hancox    Mortars 2/12   1968  Con Thien, Quang Tri,  Dong Ha

Served in a 4 Deuce Mortar Battery in Con Thien, and later moved out and did Helicopter assults all over the country. Would give my right nut to do the same in Afghanistan!

Scott Nelson M, I, L Cos  3/7 Marines  1968-69  Da Nang and An Hoa. Elephant and Antenna Valleys, Dodge City. Pipe Stove Canyon.
J. R. Walker 2/1 Marines  1967, Da Nang, Hue, Quang Tri, Khe Sanh.     In Ohio.

David Prendergast 1st MAW, MAG-12, MABS-12  Chu Lai Marine Air Base  1967   Launch and Recovery. SATS. 1967 was the peak level of operations from Chu Lai, and my tour ended 6 days after the 1/31/68 Tet Offensive. Chu Lai was hit hard at Tet. Soviet rockets and mortars caused major damage, and then the MAG-12 Force Logistics Bomb Dump was blown up when rockets and mortar fire hit the area. There was a huge explosion and more damage.
Robert Frank 4ht Platoon, A  CO, 3rd AMTRAC BN  1967-8.  Da Nang, An Hoa. Elephant/Amtrac crewman.
Mike Johnson        Lima Co,  3rd Bn,  7th Marines      1968  Da Nang .           TX

Mike Straw 2d Special Security Communications Team    
1969    Da Nang   LZ Baldy
dave lovewell
UserEmail:                    A1/4  1966-67  Con Thien Hue, Dong Ha, Cua viet, Gio linh
dong ha sept 66   cua viet  when fuel dump being built sept  oct 66    phu bai nov 66    blt dec 66- march 67   okinawa    phillipine   taipai   varios amphib asauults  feb march 66-   dong ha  con thien gio linh   april may 67     WIAcon thien may 67
UserEmail:                BRAVO CO., 1/7  Marines,  1ST MAR DIV.  1968
Doyne(D.L) Franklin Jr.
UserEmail:                D Co. 3rd  M.P. Battalion III  Marine Amphibious Force       1969-70  Da Nang
Was in Danang city July 1969 And for four months was an A.F.P. WITH "D" CO. and then was made part of the III MAF C.I.D. unit until July 1970.
  Keith Hamilton Sr
UserEmail:                   2nd Battalion 12th Marines/BLT 1/9       1975   Operation Frequent Wind
We evacuated the embassey at Saigon and returned with thousands of refugees from this campaign. We were an artillery unit from Camp Hauge, Okinowa attached to BLT 1/9 Transported by the 7th Fleet.
UserEmail:                         PRALSTON@WEST.WFD.STATE.MO.US DELTA CO. 2ND. PLT. 1ST BN. 7TH MARINES   1966  Da Nang  Que Son Valley  Quang Tri
Eric "Rick" Oscarson
  H. Co.2nd. Bn. 27th. Marine  Reg. 1st. Mar. Div.     1968    C.Battery  1st. Bn. 11th.Mar. Reg. 1st. Mar. Div.    Da Nang
We spent most of our time in Quang Nam Province, Securing and guarding the approaches to the Da Nang Air Base and surrounding areas as a reactionary force from Camp Pendleton during early Feb. 1968. A whole bunch of clerks mechanics and cooks  with enough infantry crosstraining to be "hopefully" effective in defending the DaNang area and relieving more experienced units to assist in Hue. In most cases,our deployment consisted of "grab your gear,  you're going to Viet Nam." Being a Brown bagger, living with wife and 3 month old son off base,I was given 8 hrs to get to my Oceanside Apt., and make all arrangements for a prolonged absence and return to base for unit assignment, issuance of gear.
    I served as a fireteam leader and sqaud leader with H. co. 1st. Plt. throughout the units entire deployment in country. For the most part we were on squad size patrols or smaller for three to five days at a time. We also experimented with joint patrols with 51st ARVN troops, interesting, some good, some not so good.
    Our unit found alot of booby traps and land mines at our expense.We were also ambushed several times. Naturally being Marines, the clerks and mechanics of the 27th Marines came out of battle with a very high success ratio with extremely low non combatant casualties.
    We were involved in Operation Allenbrook and Mamaluke thrust.
  Dale T. Reid
UserEmail:                Delta Co.1st.9th. Marines   1967       Con Thien   Dong Ha
Operation Prairrie 1 & 2. Search and Destroy.Infantry,got 3 Purple Hearts
Michael C. Spearing
UserEmail:                H&MS-13    1968    Da Nang            Chu Lai
1st MAW, MAG-13, H&MS-13. I was a very lucky Marine Corporal in Chu Lai. Although I reported to Nam from 3/2, Swamp LeJeune, I had a supply MOS at the time and was assigned to stay in the rear with the gear, making sure aircraft had the bits and pieces needed to keep flying. My best friend, Cpl. John Mac Pamplin of Dermot, Ark., however, was not as lucky. He died trying to save a comrade on Hill 689 (Quang Tri), May 16, 1969. Witneeses said it was an RPG in the back, direct hit. When I speak about Vietnam, I speak about Pam, never about me. Pam was a real hero. I miss him, and I honor him. Semper Fidelis.
James D. Smothers
UserEmail:                MAG12 MABS12 1StMAW  1965  Chu Lai
Security NCOIC of airfield at Chu Lai
Al Brown
UserEmail: 5th Comm Bn & 1st Amtrac Bn A Co   Dec 65 to Mar 68    Da Nang   Quang Tri and  On the beach between Monkey Mt & Marble Mt. - Cua Viet

Went to Da Nang in Dec 65 to 5th Comm Bn,we were at end of airfield. In 66 Bn. moved to Da Nang East (China Beach)I transfered to 1st Amtrac Bn in the Da Nang area somewhere near Hill 327 - Bn moved to Cua Viet. My MOS was 2841, radio repair, never repaired any, just carried them. (You had to be there)
Peter Pitcher
UserEmail:                  3rd PlatoonEcho Co 2nd Bn5th Marine Regiment 1st marine Division  Marines   Sept1967- Oct1968 Que Son Valley   An Hoa       Antenna Valley,  Bacma,

echo 2/5 participated in 13 major operations during my 13 month tour
Patrick MCMonegal
Brother of PFC JOHN J. MCMONEGAL   KIA 29 August 1967
C/1/1 Marines    66-67  KIA  08-29-67         Da Nang   Quang Tri
I found this page while surfing the net. My brother was killed in nam 1967, He was with the 1st Marines 1st Bat. "C" company. He was killed in Quang Tri while driving a chaplain and two other men.He had five days and his tour would have been over. trying to find out more about him, I was only 9 when he died. Have some pictures of him and others, trying to find out about him more. He was in OPERATION CANYON have newspaper clipping about that operation. If you could help me find out more info that would be great. His name was PFC JOHN J. MCMONEGAL
Cyrus W. Robertson, North Dakota   1st MAW  1969    1970 & Jan. 1971    Da Nang
Was in Da Nang and was a jet engine mechanic.  Was with H&MS 11, MAG 11, 1st MAW.

Jim Clark
UserEmail:                  HQ, co. 11th engr. bn  1967-    1968 Con Thien  Khe Sanh  Rock Pile  Dong Ha
bulldozer operator, helped clear the "strip" or Mcnamara's defense line. Cleared fire zones around Con Thien, GioLingh etc.
Joseph m. Snead
UserEmail:         2/5 1st marine div.  1967-   1968     Da Nang  Hue  Rock Pile   An Hoa  ANTENNA VALLEY 11-6-67
Charles M. Ervin
UserEmail:                         paervin@erolscom 2nd Plt, Golf Co, 2nd Btn 5thMarDiv   Nov 67 - Nov 68   Hue City 68
An Hoa (Nov67) - Phu Bai (Jan68) - Hue City (31Jan68 - 10Mar68) Points south along Hwy 1 toward DaNang (10Mar68 to Mid Jun68) An Hoa (Mid Jun68 to Nov68) - Wounded 18Aug68 at An Loc 6 southeast of Liberty Bridge in the Arizona.
Friends - Lester Tulley (Silver Star Hue City), Barney Wayne Barnes, Chubby Hale (KIA), Little Joe Arnold (KIA), Russel Threet (KIA), John Wayne Roden (KIA), Michael Witt (KIA), Salvatore Albano, Bob Setlack, Don Davis, Nate Frazier, Butch Meeks, Carmen Liberatore.
Golf 2/5 entered Hue City the morning of 31Jan68 after sitting on a ridge southwest of Phu Bai watching Charlie blast both Phu Bai and Hue from the adjacent ridge.  We were told we would take truck convoy into Hue to mop up a few gooks, don't draw rations, we'd be back by dinner.  The assault by Golf 2/5 across the Perfume River Bridge at about 1201 31Jan68 cancelled dinner plans until some 40 plus days later.

UserEmail:                         JMOONLITER@AOL.COM 2nd batt. 3rd reg. 3rd. div.   1966-  1967  Da Nang  Con Thien  Hue  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  Dong Ha
I was at 1st battle Khe sanh, hill 881north golf co.2-3-3 arrived 4-29  till med evac. on 5-2-67
  Barry Forster
UserEmail:                I was attached to L/3/3/3 when I first landed in May 1965 building bunkers for most of May and June as MAG-12 had not formed up yet.   Supported 3/3/3 on Operations Starlite in August 1965.  I remember when they blew up an A-6 on the flightline in October 1965, and when that C130 went off the runway full of fuel in December and caught fire in December 1965 just before Operation Harvest Moon.  Also remember the warm beer and trading cokes for rusty cans of Schlitz.   Did a 60 day stint on perimeter guard duty in May and June 1966 just before they rotated me back.  I was one of the marines that got involuntarly extended 90 days in country in 1965.  Got out a Corporal E-4 and lucky it wasn't a Private E-1 as my gungo ho attitude was gone by April just after operation Utah when I just about bought it.   Rember the Bros who gave all, we all gave some.  Chu Lai, Quang Tin Province
Robert Hancox
UserEmail: 1967-1968   Con Thien  Quang Tri   Rock Pile  Dong Ha
Conthien, Four Deuce Motar Battery.
William D. Rose
UserEmail:                D company 1st bn 9th reg 1965-1966   Da Nang
Chu Lai and Da Nang, Operations: Utah, White Wing, Battle Wey. Originally in 1st Marine Division, 2nd Bitallion 4th Marine Brigade 1965 in Chu Lai. M-60 0331 Machine Gunner 2ndary Explosives Demolitions
re: Bern Himes, KIA May 17th, 1968 3rd Battalion 27th Marines    1968   Operation Allenbrook My uncle Bern Himes was KIA, May 17th, 1968. I am searching for those who knew him. Thanks
BERNARD MALCOLM HIMES was born on November 25, 1949 and joined the Armed Forces while in ANITA, PA. You can find BERNARD MALCOLM HIMES honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Panel 62E, Row 6.
Andy L Morris
UserEmail: 5th communications Bn. 1967-68  Da Nang  Con Thien  Hue  Khe Sanh  Dong Ha
5th comm bn. supported most of the marine ops in I Corps. We had people as far south as Chu Lai and north to Cam Lo. I personaly servied at hoe An with the Koren marines, marble mt. 3ed amtrcs, Phubai 3ed mar div and camp carroll with 9th marines and the 26th marines.We furnished ground radio ops, radio relay, comm support personal.
  Dave Garvey
UserEmail: India 3/7  1966 through 1967 Da Nang    Dong Ha
Desoto January 30, 67 memory weakening
Jeff  DeVilbiss
UserEmail:   Echo 2/7    1969- 1970     Que Son Valley  Happy Valley, Ross, Ryder, Baldy
Navy Hospital Corpsman, Hump, Patrol, Ambush

Martin A Turner,

C Co, 1/9 Marines, 1966-1968, Da Nang, Con Thien, Hue, Quang Tri, Khe Sanh, Dong Ha, Elephant Valley, Mekong Delta. Liberty,georgia,Deckhouse v Prarie I & II MOS-0331
Tim Belcher   UserEmail:             Golf 2/7 1St Marine Division,   1966-1967 Da NangQuang Tri  Chu Lai
 Spent most of the time in hospitals.
Charles Atwood
UserEmail:                   A Co 3rd Antitank Bat. #rd Mar. Div    1967   Con Thien  Khe Sanh     Camp J.J.Carroll
Larry Kelly
UserEmail:    1st MAW, MAG-11/MABS-11, MY   1970  Da Nang
Just a wrench bender by day and react team by night, backing up all those experienced RVN's sweeping the vills. Don't remember too much of where I was, always went out at night, if they could wake me. Recieved my PH 3rd week in country. MABS-11 MT along with security from 1st Mar Div made the long hauls down to Chu Lai for MAG-12's redeployment to Japan.
Richard Ker
UserEmail:                1969   Que Son Valley  An Hoa
LIMA 3/5 OPERATED OUT OF An Hoa..Arizona Mothers Day, Durham Peak Taylor Common, Liberty Bridge, Rocket City
victor e. petris
UserEmail:                fox 2/5   1967   Que Son Valley  Hue    An Hoa   nong son
fire team/squad leader with fox 2/5 2nd platoon, may/67-feb/68.
Barry Rung
UserEmail:                1st. marines 1st div, c co. 1969, 1970, 1971
WhereServed:                       Da Nang
WhereOther:                        marble mountain

david r buehler
UserEmail:         3 pltoon Aco 7th Marines   1968     elephant valley
hill 22 55 10  op,s  allen brook, balard valley, (maluk thrust?) mos 0311 / radio op
UserEmail:                          MYSHADOW1949@AOL.COM 3/3/3    h&s co.     1967    Da Nang  Con Thien  Que Son Valley   Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  Rock Pile  Dong Ha.   I was an 81mm mortor squad leader at khe sanh in 1/68 and was medivaced out after seeing my mortor squad killed by a short round from one of our phantom jets. i was sent to the guam navy hospital for 30 days and sent home suffering from what then was termed as a nervious breakdown. but now they call it p.t.s.d. and i'm 100% d.a.v. 
Michael Hoskins
UserEmail:                  Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Division,
Golf Battery, 3rd Battalion, 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Division   
1967- 1968 
Hue   Quang Tri   Dong Ha   Gio Linh, Camp Carroll,Dong Ha, Quang Tri, Hue, Evans.

Charlie Battery was deployed from Camp Carroll to Gio Linh February 27, 1967 to participate in the initiation of "Operation Highrise" which was the first firing of US artillery into the DMZ and North Vietnam. While at Gio Linh, we fired in support of the 4th,7th and 9th Marines.  Charlie Battery was the first United States Artillery unit to exchange counter battery fire with the North Vietnamese.

March 20, 1967 was the first recorded use of heavy artillery by the NVA against a fixed Marine position.(the battle started at 1630 hours) The fight lasted over 8 hours. No AO was allowed in the air space over the DMZ due to political restrictions in force. The enemey battery was located at 0200 hours after permission was finnaly granted to allow an AO spotter to pentrate the DMZ air space. The NVA battery, believed to be captured French 105mm howitzers, was destroyed in five minutes with 90 rounds of HE from C 1/12.

Charlie Battery was supported by Puff, India 3/4 on the perimeter,Alpha Company, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Anti-tanks, which had two attached Ontos & crews, two Army dusters, two Quad fiftys and a deployment of Army 175mm howitzers which were unable to fire due to the enemy being under their five mile limitation. Secondaries were observed. The NVA never again (in I Corps) set up in traditional battery formations. After the March 20th encounter, in which Gio Linh had received in excess of 1000 rounds of incoming,the NVA spread their guns into single fortified positions and most out of the range of Charlie Battery's 105mm howitzers.

The intial counter battery fire of the war changed  North Vietnam's tatical deployment of their artillery assets. Between March 20th & April 27th there were continous mortar attacks and perimeter probes at Gio Linh.In the late hours of March 21, 1967 a convoy was sent to Dong Ha for ammunition. All howitzers on the base were low. While returning and 300 meters south of the main gate to Gio Linh the convoy was ambushed and des!
troyed by North Vietnamese soldiers. The ensuing fire and explosions rocked Gio Linh throughout the rest of the night.

The North Vietnamese struck again April 27th from an estimated 15 spread, single, fortified positions using Russian 130mm & 152mm howitzers, 122mm & 140mm Rockets and 82mm mortars. Estimates vary, but is belived the firebase received over 1500 rounds of incoming April 27th. Gio Linh was only 2 acres in size and one-half mile south of the DMZ. It was the smallest of all existing Marine Corps Firebases in "Leatherneck Square.". Charlie fought to the last gun and Marine that evening and night. At least 76 wounded, and two KIAs. (actual count unknown due to missing unit records)Charlie Battery was redeployed the morning of the 28th to Dong Ha due to heavy casualities and loss of assets.

The Charlie Battery Reunion Effort is in the process of collecting supporting documents to petition the Marine Corps Historical Center to add this event to their histoical chronological records.

Michael Hoskins 0811
For: Charlie Battery, 1st Battalion, 12th Marines, 3rd Mar Div

Allan J Dore
UserEmail:    2nd batalion 26th marines    1966- 1967  0331, RankinVietnam:        CPL
  Purple Heart, Presidential Citations,   Da Nang  Con Thien  Hue   Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  Rock Pile  Dong Ha
We arrived by ship, August 26th 1966,  WIA  Right leg, shrapnel, i believe April of 1967.  LookingFor:  There all mostly dead, the ones i was close to.   Went on many operations, was based if i can remember, out of Dong-Ha There was a one star general there, i think it was General Kile, or something like that
Bob Sanderson
UserEmail:            IRBSJR@WEBTV.NET   2nd bat 9th mar  h&s 81s      1965-  1966   ammo man, RankinVietnam:         e2
RankWhenLeftTheArmy:  USMC e4
   jim d turner
UserEmail:   1st mardiv. 7th eng bn service co 1968-1969 RankinVietnam:        e-3,   vietnam svc.   cross of gal.  vietnam campain   Da Nang 
UserEmail:            bigi0311@ hotmail 1/3     1967       0311 RIFLEMAN.GRUNT. RankinVietnam:         cpl    Awards:                purple heart and others.   Da Nang   Con Thien Hue   Quang Tri    Khe Sanh   Rock Pile  marble mountain hill 881 dmz

bufflo union big bear hastings some i don't remember i am looking for a buddie of mine named Louellen can't remember his whole name got that ptsd bad
  Alberto J. Cortez, Sr.
UserEmail:   3rd Battalion 12th Marines3rd Marine Division   1968,  artillery,   PVT
Awards:     Purple heart,  Quang Tri   Khe Sanh    Rock Pile  Dong Ha. Upon arrival, I was very scared and felt disoriented because we arrived at Da Nang under fire. Wounded on my birthday, February 24, 1969. We were overun on LZ naville. I received sharpnel wounds and perforated eardrum.  LookingFor:  John J. Strubbs, Albert Gallegos, and all other unit fellow marines in Gulf Battery 3/12 marines.  I did mobile artillery 105 how. at Quang-Tri province along the DMZ.

UserEmail:              NARC1057@ALLTEL.NET   1st amtrac Bn.    1967-1968      amgrunt    l/cpl
Awards:                  bronze star w/combat V, purple heart, vietnamese cross of gallantry w/palm
WhereServed:            Da Nang   Hue   Quang Tri   Dong Ha
20 jan 68 operation napolean/saline  we were ambushed by the nva in a graveyard. we suffered several KIA and i was wia by a nva mortar blast, suffered wounds to head and face are. i was medivaced to dong ha.

LookingFor: any one from 1st amtrac b co 4th plt.       CUA VIET, DIA DO
Alberto J. Cortez, Sr.
UserEmail:   3rd Battalion 12th Marines3rd Marine Division   1968    artillery
RankinVietnam:        PVT   Awards:                Purple heart
WhereServed:          Quang TriKhe SanhRock PileDong Ha
ArrivalInVietnam:   I was very scared and felt disoriented because we arrived under fire.
Wounded:  Yes, on my birthday, February 24, 1969. We were overun on LZ naville. I received sharpnel wounds and perforated eardrum.
LookingFor:  John J. Strubbs, Albert Gallegos, and all other unit fellow marines in Gulf Battery 3/12 marines.
I did mobile artillery 105 how. at Quang-Tri province along the DMZ.
Frank Milks
UserEmail:     3rd.MARDiv 3rd MP Bat.   1969    DaNang MP/Security Hue
RankinVietnam:          L/cpl
Awards:                  Navy Commendation w/ "V"    Da Nang   Hue
DaNang Dec 1967 the first thing was the smell. Then the fear of where I was going to go.
CircumstancesUnderFire: Hue a rocket attack on the MACV compound
LookingFor: Yes. Duke Root, Oswego,NY; John Kuzmak, Olyphant PA
Paul Hackney
UserEmail:        3rd,div,5thdiv &1stdiv   1969
RankinVietnam:          pfc     Quang Tri  Rock Pile  Dong Ha

Frank Milks
3rd.MARDiv 3rd MP Bat.   1969    DaNang MP/Security Hue
RankinVietnam:          L/cpl
Awards:                   Navy Commendation w/ "V"    Da Nang    Hue
DaNang Dec 1967 the first thing was the smell. Then the fear of where I was going to go.
CircumstancesUnderFire: Hue a rocket attack on the MACV compound
LookingFor: Yes. Duke Root, Oswego,NY; John Kuzmak, Olyphant PA
UserEmail:              NARC1057@ALLTEL.NET 1st amtrac Bn.    1967-1968      amgrunt    l/cpl
Awards:                  bronze star w/combat V, purple heart, vietnamese cross of gallantry w/palm
WhereServed:            Da Nang   Hue   Quang Tri   Dong Ha
20 jan 68 operation napolean/saline  we were ambushed by the nva in a graveyard. we suffered several KIA and i was wia by a nva mortar blast, suffered wounds to head and face are. i was medivaced to dong ha.

LookingFor: any one from 1st amtrac b co 4th plt.       CUA VIET, DIA DO
Alberto J. Cortez, Sr.
UserEmail:   3rd Battalion 12th Marines3rd Marine Division   1968    artillery
RankinVietnam:        PVT   Awards:                Purple heart
WhereServed:          Quang TriKhe SanhRock PileDong Ha
ArrivalInVietnam:   I was very scared and felt disoriented because we arrived under fire.
Wounded:  Yes, on my birthday, February 24, 1969. We were overun on LZ naville. I received sharpnel wounds and perforated eardrum.
LookingFor:  John J. Strubbs, Albert Gallegos, and all other unit fellow marines in Gulf Battery 3/12 marines.
I did mobile artillery 105 how. at Quang-Tri province along the DMZ.
Paul Hackney
UserEmail:     3rd,div,5thdiv &1stdiv   1969
RankinVietnam:          pfc      Quang Tri  Rock Pile  Dong Ha

michael r kelly
UserEmail:       1st radio   1969-  1970   truck driver guard duty patrol   e/4       Da Nang   Hue  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  Dong Ha. served in these areas but was top secret
When arrived, was scared shitless at first. UnderFire: marble mountian and other places while on convoy and on patrol was in danang and up to donha. Was stabbed in a fight when caught people stealing from us

LookingFor:  sgt watts n.c./ sgt barfield fl./ sgt
and many more but can't remember their names 1st.Bn. 27th. Mar. Reg.  1968 SQ. leader     Cpl.    Da Nang  Hue   Quang Tri
Arrived during  Tet Offence. Wounded.

Steven G. Effinger
UserEmail:     4th marine reg. 3rd div  1969      E/3   Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  Rock Pile   Dong Ha
ArrivalInVietnam: like walking in to hell exploding runway confustion fear
Frank Piontek
UserEmail:     Mag-13,  Mabs-13   1966  1967, 1968   Briefer for F-4 Phantom Pilots Sergeant-E5
Awards:                  Good Conduct (two awards), Vietnam Svc, Vietnam Campaign...and about four others..
I arrived in chu lai- Sept 1966 coming from Iwakuni Japan. The heat and humidity was unbearable. At about 0300 hours the second day, we received incoming mortar rounds.   I was then a believer that this war was for real.
LookingFor:  Gilbert Phelps  James Barnes Mike Flood
My Mos was 6811 (meteorology). Worked in top security van briefing the f-4 phantoms on there bombing missions.
David Ham
UserEmail:       Wers-17, 1st MAW   1966    plus 6 month extension   Motor Transport Operator    L/cpl
Awards:                  Vietnam Svs /w 3*, Combat Action, Presidental Unit Citation;   Da Nang  Hue   Quang Tri  Dong Ha

Arrived at Danang. Museum Pier off of the USS Terrel County (LST) from Iwakuni, Japan. Helped to build our compound.
Under rocket attack several times near Danang air strip.Under motor attack during convoy to Hue, Quang Tri,Dong Ha and Phu Bia.

The 1st 3 months moved bodies from air strip to Danang Morque. Then moved to transporting ammo to Danang air strip. Was there on Christmas eve when Flying Tigers crashed at end of runway. Supported the cleanup of the village.Started making convoy runs to northern RVN. Drove to portable bridge truck and transported ammo. Left Nam after 17 months and headed to Sangley Point, PI.
Anthony Garcia
UserEmail:     HMM 363 and HMM 364   1966  8/66-9/67 and 8/70-9/71    Helicopter pilot, H34 and H46
RankinVietnam:          Lt and Capt.
Awards:                  Distinguished Flying Cross, 60 Air Medals, PUC, NUC,   Da Nang  Con Thien  Que Son Valley  Hue  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  A ShauRock Pile  Dong Ha   An Hoa

During my first tour I arrived in Viet Nam aboard the LPH Iwo Jima that I picked up in the Philippines.  My first day flying off the carrier we flew about 12 hours on an operation, and took several rounds in the helicopter.  It was like nothing I expected.

UnderFire: All the time.  When flying and on the ground at Dong Ha and Marble Mountain from rocket attacks.
We flew the basic helicopter missions of MedEvac, resupply, troop transport, throughout the ICorps area.  Spent most of my time in Dong Ha during the first tour and in Marble Mountain during the second.
Ernest M Murray
UserEmail:     Mike company, 3rd Bn 9th Marines    Jun66 to Jul67      I was assigned to a rifle company in 9th Marines
  PFC promoted to Lance Corporal    Awards:                  Purple Heart Combat Action Action Ribbon  and the usual Vietnam service ribbons and medals;    Da Nang  Que Son ValleyQuang TriKhe SanhDong HaAn Hoa  Gio Linh
We arrived at Da Dang on a ship called the USS General Weigle ,  It was a Miltary Ship Transport Service.  It was late June and quite hot.  The ship carried a bunch of soldiers and a small group of us Marines from Camp Pendleton.
I came under fire many times,  most memorable was when we were on hill 861 near Khe Sanh in April 67.
I was medivated twice and i recived a PH at Gio Linh.

LookingFor: Thomas Hamm  Platoon Sgt Mike Company 3/9
Carl Bruce Caver  rifleman Mike Company 3/9 ,   Eddie Mascarino   rifleman, Tom Jenkins rifleman,   James H. Napier rifeman

I served with Mike company on several operations near An Hoa and later at and near the DMZ. We particpated in the hill  fights for hills 881S.  I particpated in operation Buffalo and Kingfisher Hickory and Prairie II , III and IV
  Steve Rhodehamel
UserEmail:     Hotel Company, 2nd battalion, 1st Marine, 1st Marine Division       1971   just a grunt  E-2         Navy Achievement Metal with combat V, CAR, Viet nam Campaign and Service, ;      Da NangQue Son Valley

Arrived early in the morning, at Da Nang, we were loaded up on semi's with long beds, with sand bagged decks and men manning .50 cal machine guns. It was very hot, and the trip was really short to the receiving area.  I remember the large chain link fence, with sand bag firing positions facing out (away from the building.


First fire fight took place while serving in Whiskey Cupp near hill 55, near Bich- Nammy forth day in Viet Nam. 3 or 4 VC opened up on our cupp unit, while we were waiting for resupply, right before sun down.  Over the next several weeks, we had numerous contacts with the enemy, mostly RPG, AK-47 fire, but not much damage was done.  Ended up leaving Whiskey cupp and joining Hotel 2/1, 2nd plt. Sometime in February, 1971. Stayed with Hotel company until Hotel 2/1 left Viet Nam on May 19, 1971.

Wounded:  No.

LookingFor: I've never tried before, wouldn't mind hearing from Bob Schultz, my fire team leader Cpl McCarty (nick name "Kentucky"), Sgt. Castello, Simpson, Brock, Kiekens, Barber,Dr. Spivy, Braun,  our Lt. ( Lt. Oreiley), etc.  I have some good photographs of the guys on the day we were leaving the bush, May 7, 1971.

1. Started with Whiskey Cupp, working out of Hill 55, and patroling around Bich-nam, about 10 km south/west of Da Nang.
2. Was sent to 2nd plt. Hotel Company, 2/1, sometime in February of 71, we operated out of a area we called Tac Po. which probably ment Tactical Position. It was a small hill with a observation tower, and 6 or 7 bunkers, with a squad of ARVN assigned to it as well. It was between Hill 34 and 55. 
3. The biggest operation we went on, was ( I believe it was called Dewey Canyon II, was one in which we supported the ARVN while they entered Laos (Lam Son 719). We returned to old A.O. after this op. and stayed there running patrols until our departure from the bush on May 7, 1971. Our Company departed on freedom bird May 19th 1971.
Rudy Wirgau
UserEmail:       H 2/5 1st Marine Div    1969  Corpsman   hm3   An Hoa
My 21st birthday in Vietnam
mike taber
UserEmail:     h&s co blt 1/3 9th mab-  cco 3dtkbn 3rdmar div- h&s co 3dtkbn 3d mardiv   1967,1968 69 70
RankinVietnam1:         2141/1811   mec/crewman sgt
Awards:                  vsm/5* vcm/device muc
WhereServed:            Con Thien Hue  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  Rock Pile Dong Ha        A-3
Came from5thtanks oka. by c130 hot &smelled chopered to ships .had to move bodys before we could land. not able to go in tonam because there werenot any web gear. first gear was bloodey. Under fire maney times with BLT ops and ata A3  WUE

Wounded: blowen of tank at a3 by in coming .corpman fix me up. on LAMSON 250 when my retriver hit a mine. corpman fix me up refused to leave my men . didnot receve awards. trying to get now.

LookingFor: anyone that was with tanks at a3 or crew on the magnifice bastard m 51 retrever
terry taylor
UserEmail:       1st marine divison 7th regiment 3rd batt 1968-  1969     grunt  Da Nang
LookingFor:  yes any served with names remebered are peoples,whiley,hall,ben,johnson,smitty,hammrick,mcdonnell, and more

tet offen,hill 10 cobb bridge, camp lajune,hill55, camp pendleton
UserEmail:              PARNOLD1@HOUSTON.RR.COM. 1st 155 gun btry   1968  self propelled gun driver   E2    Da Nang  Hue
phu bai hill 55 and hill 65
LookingFor:  any one with 1ST 155 GUN BTRY PICS ??

   Mike Kelly
UserEmail:        FMF FLC     1971    Med/cap Escort -Field Supply  E-4    Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campain,Combat action    Da Nang
A convoy I was traveling with.I beleave in
Feb or Mar 71 came under Fire from Mortar
and light machine Gun/small arms.
Returning fire with 50Cals. and small arms
Three Gooks were killed and several DE DE ed.

Any navy Corpsman who did Med Caps out of FLC.
Any Supplymen or Roughterrain forklift
Operaters At FLC in 71
UserEmail:              JAMASTERS46@MSN.COM mike 3/9     1966      BLAZIN M-60'S    PFC    3 PURPLE HEARTS,   Da Nang Con Thien Quang Tri Khe Sanh Dong Ha  An Hoa
Wounded: 3 TIMES.CRS
Binder R.H.
UserEmail:     1st.AmtracBn.3rd.MarineDiv.  Nov67thruSept69    Amgrunt    Cpl-E4     AnLoc, BiLoc
CuaViet,  Charlie-4,  Oceanfiew,GioLin,MiaSiTi
Wounded: 20-1-68,15-6,68;  Operated in on and ariund DMZ 
Loyde P. SNAKE Arender
UserEmail:                USMC: Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade (9th MAB)
1969   15 months: December 1968 to March 1970        Que Son ValleyA Shau  An Hoa, Charlie Ridge, Namo Bridge, Quang Nam Province, Quang Ngai Province, Chu Lai, Danang
For indepth information and pictures,see the following webpage:
26th Marine Regiment Buddy Locator at
Kenneth Moody
UserEmail:     Alfa 1/3    Fox 2/9  1966- 1967    0311  Pfc/Lcpl   Cpl    Da NangCon ThienHueQuang TriKhe SanhDong Ha
Arrived in Danang on August 14th, 1966. Felt like I had walked into an oven. I was assigned to 1stBn, 3rdMar, Alfa Co. Transferred to Fox 2ndBn, 9th Mar in January 1967.
Came under fire numerous times in the form of small arms fire and mortars.   Miraculously, spending 13 months in Vietnam with A/1/3 amd F/2/9 I did not get a purple heart.

LookingFor:  Eugene Gates F/2/9  Dennis Harris F/2/9   Scurry  A/1/3.
was on various operations during my tour in country
  Leroy Rothamel
UserEmail:     force logistic support alpha  1969   Force logistics Command   Convoy prov rifle
  E4    Da Nang  Hue  A Shau  Dong Ha  An Hoa     Phu Loc

Out side Phu Bia on convoy late 69.  Ambush truck hit land mine; LookingFor:  Leroy Foster
Dan Hall
UserEmail:     1st Bat. 3rd Marine (9th MED)     1965    Infantry Squad Leader,    Sergeant,
Awards:                  Nat. Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, PUC, VietNam Service Medal w1*, VietNam Campaign Medal w/device, Combat Action Ribbon, Navy Unit Citation, Republic of Vietnam Meritoriouys Unit Citation
WhereServed:            Da Nang
Arrived: 1st Bat. 3rd Marines landed by air at da Nang while 3rd Bat 9th Marines landed on the beaches.  The two battalions made up the 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
CircumstancesUnderFire: area we called "Happy Valley" west of Da Nang. Pictured on the cover of "LIFE" magazine July 2, 1965, carrying fellow Marine to chopper.

Wounded: Medical evacuation from Da Nang area with malaria, eventually discharged due to recurring bouts with malaria
Bill Carroll
UserEmail:     3rd Tank Bn  Nov 66 - May 68   Tanks    Lcpl - Sgt
RankWhenLeftTheMarines: Sergeant Major
Awards:                  Bronze Star w/ V and Purple Heart
WhereServed:            Da NangCon ThienQuang TriDong Ha, Gio Linh, Cam Lo
Wounded:  RPG Sptember 2, 1967 while attached to 3/4
  Earl D. Davis
UserEmail:     9th Interrogation-Translation Team, FMFPAC attached to 1stMarDiv, Chu Lai       1966     Interrogator
RankinVietnam:          SSgt E-6
Awards:                  Navy PUC,MC Good Conduct, Vn Cross of Gallentry, Nat'l Defense, Vn Service, Vn Campaign;      Chu Lai, Quang Ngai City, Tam Ky
Came under fire when taking prisoners to the field.  One time the prisoner, my interpreter and myselfwere in the middle of a rice paddy dike leaving one grunt unit and meeting another on the other side.  Fired upon when in the middle of the dike.   Two ONTOS were on the side we just left.  They turned in the direction of the fire and wiped out everything.  Upon arriving with the new unit, we took fire from a nearby ville.  Returned fire.  Several rounds from a grenade launcher took care of everything.

Every time we went out, it was like this.
Not wounded, at least physically.  Have been mentally wounded for 36 years.

LookingFor: Capt. Gaumont, Lt Morey. Lt Ellsworth. SSgt D W James. Sgt Crocker (or Crocket), Sgt Rogers, Clerk "Gawk" all from the 9th ITT.

When prisoner would indicate he/she knew something, we would go to the field with them and a grunt unit to check out what they talked about (weapons cache, rice cache, tunnels, VC Cadre, VC troops,etc.

Participated in Operations:
Hotsprings 22-23Apr66
Montgomery 7-15May66
Oakland 29Jun66-1Jul66
Franklin 27-29Aug66
Fresno 8-17Sep66
Golden Fleece 18-20Sep66
Phil Buford
UserEmail:     H&S Co. 2ND Bn. 5th marines   1970  Air Support Radio Operater 2531      L/cpl
WhereServed:            Que Son Valley   An Hoa
Hill 581, liberty Bridge

Was with 2/7  when i came in country, was injured and spent 45 days in guam navel hostipal, then returned to country with 2/5 served at liberty bridge, an hoa, hill 581, lz baldy was attached to echo co 2/5 served under Captain Ford , he was killed stepping off a helicopter

CPT DOUGLAS OAKLEY FORD was born on February 18, 1942 and joined the Armed Forces while in GLEN ROCK, NJ. He served as a 0302 in the Marine Corps.  In 8 years of service, he attained the rank of CAPT/O3. On January 10, 1971, at the age of 28, DOUGLAS OAKLEY FORD perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Nam. You can find DOUGLAS OAKLEY FORD honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Panel 5W, Row 37.(Capt Ford and the BN Ops Officer, Major Ram died when their helicopter landed to extract a wounded Marine and one of them stepped on a mine.)

Stephen Field
UserEmail:     3rd 8" Howitzers Bravo Plt, Hill 65  1969     Radio Chief     Sgt(E5)    An Hoa    Hill 65
LookingFor: Anyone that was in the unit from 1969 to 1970.Especially Travis Blair , Lt. Wrenn and Gunny Gentry       Hill 65 along the Vu Gia River , Dai loc Province
bernard larry white
UserEmail:     3rd marine div bulk fuel     1966    bulk fuelman    private      Da Nang   Dong Ha    cua viet  Scared to death.  arrived with my brother. landed in da nang. separated from brother 3 months later to dong ho and cua viet.
LookingFor:  yes, anyone who was in fuel in may 66 thru may 67 in da nang dong ho or cua viet.
harry c pugliese
UserEmail:       think the 1-3 bn 12 marines   1969 warrant offcier,  Awards:                  naval commendiation combat V,    Dong Ha.  Im trying to find anybody who served with my father in dang ha from 1968-69, he was ord. officer or in the ord field, he was there when the ammo dump blew up, i have 8mm movies of that scence, my father retired in 1970-26 yrs, passed away 1972
  bob gioia
UserEmail:       h/q battalion landing team/1st engineer  1968  engineer    pfc
Awards:                  pupral heart,vietnamese cross of galentry,    Da NangQuang Tri
arrizone terratoryi don rememer, i did mine sweep from hill 55 to hill 10
Carl Sigman
UserEmail:               Bidrun 1st bn 13th marines 5th-155 guns     1967    artillaryman  E3,
Awards:                  Purple Heart  ;   Da NangCon ThienQuang TriDong Ha
Hot, steamy slant eyes all over the place.  Next day went up the river to Dong Ha and oveland to camlo. walked point across the river to secure for guns to cross.. Scared to death.
Under fire at Quang Tri... Camlo,  WIA right leg happened in March 1968 in Quang Tri
LookingFor:   Sgt. Joe Volle       Sgt. Carl Snell   Pfc.Larry Mahoney or anyone in the 1st Bn 13 marines- 5th 155 guns- sp    
Bill (Raulph) Marro
UserEmail:     1st. Eng. 1st. MarDiv  1966  1965   Truck driver (dump truck)  Pvt   Around Chu Lai 1966

Arrived Chu Lai on a LST.
Tail end of typhoon.
Mud,mud and more mud.
We where given five(5) rounds for our M14's.
Drove my truck for 47 hrs without break!
There was not a secure area. They owned it all.

CircumstancesUnderFire:  Almost every day. Highway #1. Snipers and mines.
LookingFor: Yes, 1st Eng. Motor T, drivers, 1965-1966
Hazelwood, Nestro, Tyrell, Russo, Van

I drove truck on highway #1 everyday.
I remember driving, driving and more driving.
The grunts would ride in the trucks. They said it was to dangerous!
UserEmail:              JAMES.KENT@LANGLEY.AF.MIL FLSG-B  FLSG-A  1966   WRECKER DRIVER      E4
Awards:                  VIET NAM SVC.


  Michael "Dingy" Robinson
UserEmail:     Golf Btry. 3rd. Bn. 12th. Marines   8/68 to 9/69 Field Artillery Cannoneer 0811   PFC-E2/Sgt. E-5
WhereServed:            Quang TriKhe SanhRock PileDong Ha
WhereOther:             Hills NW of Khe SanhI
I arived in Da Nang on Augest first. As I neared the door of that 707 the heat hit me. I stayed all day at the personell psvillion in the sweltering heat. I considerd it unbareable. I was one of the longest days of my life. Doing nothing hurt. I wonderd how can I do my job under these conditions.

CircumstancesUnderFire:  Lz Alpine,LZ Neville,LZ Quantico,Took part in the assault onto LZ Argonne 19 March 1969 with D/1/4. As soon as the grunts went over the top of the hill our guns were dropped into their pits, ammo was also dropped to the gun pits and we raked the surounding hillsides.

Wounded: Yes, but I declined a Purple Hart. My right arm was gashed by shrapnal on LZ Alpine. I considerd my conduct so bad at that moment I refused the award. It was one of those things one just wants to do  again and get it right.
I was at LZ Alpine when the tiger event happend. Also, I was present on LZ Argonne in March 69 when 1/4's SIX was picked off by an NVA mortar. That wasn't just a fluke. He was the target.
UserEmail:              BOBO@DRAGG.NET 1ST PLT, K-CO, 3/7 1ST MARDIV   1968- 1969; COMPANY CORPSMAN   HM2  E-5
Awards:                  BRONZE STAR,  W/COMBAT "V",  PURPLE HEART;    Da Nang
WhereOther:             HILL 55, 37, 41, AND HILL 10.



   j.p.johnson f 2/3 & a & d 1/9 marines    1965   advanced infantry/ op.    pfc
Awards:                  combat acton,p.u.c.,vietnan svc.,rvn gallantry cross unit cit.,rvn civil action unit cit.,rvn camp.   WhereServed:             Da NangHueQuang Tri;    marble mountain
Amphibious assalt to "red beach" danang,then put onchoppers to Hue
starlite,golden fleece,hill22/mag16,havest moon
Ken Foran
UserEmail:       H&S 3/9, 5th Comm, Comm FLC   1966-1967   CommO1    1Lt/Capt
Awards:                  NDSM/ VNSM/ VNCM/PUC/NUC/CG/
WhereServed:            Da NangAn Hoa 
Georgia/ Macon / Golden Fleece/
N. L. Sheridan
UserEmail:     vmf 235, cap Echo 2, Mag 11 EOD     1967 62, 68, 70 & 71
Assigment:               avaition electrican, Cap marine, EOD Tech
RankinVietnam:          PFC, Sgt & SSgt
Awards:                  The normal stuff, CAR, and the the other " I was there stuff"   Da Nang    Hoi An
CircumstancesUnderFire: First time, rocket attact at Da Nang air base, feb 67. Scared the S--- out of me. We did'nt know what was going on.
nothing special, just surviving, blew afew ammo dumps when we were leaving. that was fun

UserEmail:               EIGHTBALLREG2AOL.COM 1ST M T BATT 1ST MAR DIV    1966     VIET-NAM 68-69I REMEM; AFLOT WITH 3RD BATT 1ST MAR;   PVT;   Awards:        NAVY ACC AWARD
WhereServed:            Da NangCon ThienHueQuang TriKhe SanhA ShauRock PileDong HaAn Hoa

UserEmail:     11thEngr.Bn /Serv.Co.3rd MarD.     1967 TRUCK DRIVER    PFC
WhereServed:            Da NangCon ThienQuang TriKhe SanhDong Ha
WhereOther:             CAM LO - GIO LINH- LAO BAO
Wounded:  YES EARLY AUG.late JULY
LookingFor:   GARY LODER
881n 881s oper beacon hill oper.prairie involved with hauling supplies north on Rt#1 to above mentioned vills.
  william p dunn
UserEmail:     1st marine air wing  1970   supply corpral    Da Nang

I served in the Marine Corps In Viet-Nam 1970/1971 and flew there on a Major Airline (TWA, I think) into DaNang Air Base, and I was 18 yrs old and invinsable (or so I thought) I remember having mixed emotions (scared, anxious but most of all proud to be there serving my country and always thinking of the men and women "some friends" who past that way before me, with many of them not returining) after getting over the fear of the unknown, I began to take each day and task as they came.  And finally I remember coming back to the USA (or THE WORLD) as we called it, and was so proud of myself (and thankful that I made it back alive) only to realize that NO ONE CARED, (only those of us who were there , were left to care for each other) I was then , I am now and always will be PROUD AND HONORED to be a VIET-NAM VET. Semper-FI to ALL
CircumstancesUnderFire: while assigned to the ZULU Co. Reactionary Platoon, random fire was directed at our location in several differant outings (I don't recall the exact villages and or locations) although, no return fire was made and no one injured.
I was assigned in Viet-Nam (Danang) with Marine Wing Facilities Sqaudran-1(MWFS1)and also was assigned to the ZULU Co. Reactionary Platoon (assigned to the wing) and going into villages setting up defense and providing security for the military personell who were, providing / rendering first aid and other medical attention to the villagers.
  Orley D.  VanEngelenhoven
UserEmail:     A / 1 / 1/ 1 Marine Div.     1967  0311 Infantry   Cpl.  E-4 
Awards:                  Purple Heart, V.N. cross of Gallenty,CAR  etc
WhereServed:            Con ThienHueQuang TriKhe Sanh
UnderFire:   Com Thien Quang Tri Hue City Khe Sanh
Wounded:  In 1968, Schrapnel Hue City,        Shot twice Hill 881 KheSanh
D.L. Franklin
UserEmail:     3rd MPIIIMAF Danang   1969  M.P.     cpl.
Awards:                  purple H,
WhereServed:            Da NangDong Ha;  Dong Ha M60, Danang M.P.
   Gary D Smith
UserEmail:     Golf Btry, 3d Btn, 11th Marines   1964     Mid 65 to mid 66 in country    105 asst. crew chief      Cpl
Awards:                  NUC,Viet Serv, Viet Campaign, National Defense   Chu Lai
It was culture shock. It was an unopposed landing but I heard shots over my head. I think it may have been one of our own guys but who knows
We weren,t actually under fire but they tried to infiltrate us a couple of times. Fly boys and napalm fixed them.
LookingFor:  George Beaver
Fire support for 7th Marines
Carl Olds
UserEmail:     India 3/7 1st Mar Div, also 4th Combined Action Group       1968   Combat Infantryman, Squad Leader
Awards:                  Combat action, all the Viet Nam crap, Presidential Unit Citation, Meritorious Unit Citation
WhereServed:            Da NangQuang TriAn Hoa
WhereOther:              Charlie Ridge, Happy Valley, Arizona, Dodge City
Arrived via C-130 in DaNang, 1/68.  Very hot with a distinctive almost pungent smell.   Firts night @ Freedom Hill barracks...much distance gunfire, artillery, firefights, etc...very nervous yet excited
Came under fire countless times...single sniper rounds, ambushes, firefights. Ambushed while on patrol, walking point, pinned down, miraculously no casualties, captured 2-3 VC suspects

Continuously ran squad & platoon size patrols...captured 3 VC during operation Mameluke Thrust...lost many friends to booby traps & sniper rounds...walked point, called in arty, medevacs, etc.
Many road sweeps....while with  4th CAG I
lead a Mobile Training Team, we attached ourselves to local SVN forces, trained them, did joint operations, held medical clinics, helped build schools, tried to win the hearts of the people...very rewarding yet very frustrating because many time we had the enemy in our own ranks
john p johnson blt 2/3,foxtrot 2/3,alpha & delta 1/9      1965   advanced infantry/plt radio op.      pfc
WhereServed:            Da NangHue       elephant valley,marble mountian
operations:starlite,golden fleece,havest moon,hill 22/ mag 16
bill travis
UserEmail:     mag 13 1st maw  vmfa-115 chu lai   1967- 1968   plane captain:  RankinVietnam:   corp
       chu lai,  tet offense 1967
LookingFor:   vmfa-115 chu lai flight line 67-68
      William Breitweiser, c/o Robbie
UserEmail:       2nd bat/9th Marines, 3rd Div  1968   Platoon Leader      1st Lt.
Awards:                  Bronze Star
WhereServed:            Quang Trij.p.johnson,  mcdonough,ga. f2/3, & a & d 1/9  1966  infantry & plt. radio op. pfc
Awards:                  combat action,p.u.c.,vietnam serv.,vietnam gallantry cross unit cit.,vietnam civil action,vietnam camp.
WhereServed:            Da NangHueQuang Tri
WhereOther:              elephant valley,marble mountain
landed from assalt craft to beach, then put on choppers and sent to hue to protect a army radio compound
Op starlite,golden fleece,hill22/mag16,havestmoon
Joe Smith
UserEmail:     h&ms-17, mwsg-17   nov. 67 to july of 69    reacttionary forces, convoys
RankinVietnam:          pfc-cpl
Awards:                  combat action ribbon and all the rest of the usual stuff, cheated out of a purple heart by a medic from 1st MP battalion who never reported treating me, even though it was minor I've seen PHs for a lot less...
WhereServed:            Da Nang
UnderFire:  several times in and around Da Nang. We were often deployed south of the base to back up the 1st MPs or the RVNs. Big battle at a textile Mill. Hey if your the corpsman from the 1st MPs and you see this give me a shout, maybe you can remember something and help me out.
Wounded:  Textile Mill south of Da Nang AB. I was laying down fire at an air vent and charlie returned fire kicking dirt and debris up all around me. The burst was brief and I noticed a gouge of skin on my left elbow. Never felt a thing... it was so fast.
LookingFor:  steve, fitz, mike gross, tucker(our corpman), he would have reported my incident. and anyone else on the react platoon.
larry a. nelson
UserEmail:                A Btry. 8th.BN.4th.Arty.    Oct.1967 to oct.1968
WhereServed:                       Quang TriKhe SanhKhe SanhA Shau
OtherPlaceServed:                  DongHa, JJ Carroll,Rockpile,c-1,c-2 ,c-4,CamLo
Was with a 175mm gun BN, A Btry.*th.BN 4th.Arty, based at DongHa compbat base, we moved from one end of the DMZ to the other, we were undet operational control of the US Marines, Also the 1st. Cav. Div., we were in all major operations from  july 1967 to the end. We where the last US military unit to leave the Khe Sanh combat base and also the last US Arty. unit to be pulled of the DMZ in 1971. Our BN fired over 450,000 rounds and earned the name "Guns of the DMZ", Decorations received during Vietnam included the Naval Presidential Unit Citation 1967, Meritorious Unit Commendation 1968/69 and Republic of Vietnam cross Gallantry with Palm, Streamer embroidered VIETNAM 1971, along with others. I served on the guns, in FDC and as AMMO section chief running resupply convoys to the Btry. I was a PFC E-3 when I got to Vietnam and was a SGT. E-5 when I left.
 dennis king
UserEmail:     E/2/1 Marines  1971 january   radio man    pvt
Awards:                 viet nam serv purple heart  
WhereOther:             marble mtn
arrived at da nang airport in january 1971

CircumstancesUnderFire:  jan 28 1971 on patrol south of marble mtnabout 1 pm 8 men wounded after I stepped on a mine in a rice paddy
Wounded: stepped on land mine jan 28 1971

LookingFor: not ,just information about my whole unit. exact place this happened, I remember it was a small village but can't remember the name.

I was a radio man with echo 2btln 1st marines at camp carroll marble mtn.  I was on patrol for a weapons sweep.  The night before we moved our location because a korean marine outfit was coming through.  The day we moved one of the guy was wounded after stepping on a mine.  The night came without incident.  The next day we went on patrol after we moved back to our origanl location from the day before.  We went to the small village and moved out into the paddy and I tripped the land mine.
 Earl B. Van Atta
UserEmail:     Force Logistic Support Group - Bravo, Supplu Co., Storage Plt. 1967  and 1968    Assigment:            Supply warehouseman, Forklift Operator, Guard Duty   RankinVietnam:        Corporal
Awards:               NUC with ribbon bar and two bronze stars, NDSM, Vietnam S.M. with one silver star, R of VM.U.C. (Gallanrty Cross), R of V.M.U.C. (Civil Action color, 1st Cl), R of V.C. M. with Device
I arrived by ship,in Danang, it was very hot.
I came under rocket and mortar attacks in Chu Lai and Danang, through out my tour in Vietnam
LookingFor: Anyone I had served with from 03/10/1967 to 10/1968,with F.L.S.G.- Bravo, Supply Co., Storage Plt, in Chu Lai.
Don Goff
UserEmail:   1/26 Marines   1966- 1967
Assigment:            2531 MOS
RankinVietnam:        LCPL
Awards:               Purple Heart October 13, 1966
WhereServed:          Da Nang   Khe Sanh   Dong Ha
Hill 55
Thomas Hurlbert
UserEmail:   3rd 175mm gun battery(sp) 11th Marine Regiment 1st Marine Division    1969;  motor T(truck driver);     L/cpl
Awards:               Viet Svc/Viet Campaign/Viet Cross Galantry/??????;   Da NangQue Son ValleyAn Hoa
Humid with a lot of activity going on.  Lots of our military present. I was taken to a transient barracks until I was transported to my assigned unit via ground. I arrived at LZ Ross near LZ Baldy and was introduced to my brothers whom I remember to this day.
Under fire Numerous times :small arms fire/mortar attacks/occasional cs gas. This mostly happened at night at our compound.
DeceasedMembers: There were two Marines I never met, as they were victims of a mortar attack prior to my arrival to my unit.
175mm Gun Battery (sp)/11th Marine Regiment/1st Marine Division
LeadersInUnit: C.O.Major Wheeler/Platoon Seargent-S/SgtCramblet
LookingFor:  Charles Steven Brown Jr./John ArthurBrown Jr./Lonnie Sprinkle
LZ Ross/An Hoa/Hill 55/Hill 65/???
UserEmail:   FMD H&S, Field Band   1968-69    Marine Musician MOS, Sentry Duty - FMD H&S Perimeter
      E-4      Da Nang   It was hot and dreary; lots of hustling and bustling around of soldiers, at the Danang airbase; very disorienting
UnderFire:  On sentry duty above FMD Commanding General's quarters; sniper fire kept me in my bunker for hours.
Wounded not by enemy fire, but by carrying a 50-calibre machine gun I was assigned to, off and on trucks for several months.
LeadersInUnit: Vague recall: Anderson, Sunderland
Vague recall: our assigned hill was overrun while I served, in the FMD Band, above the Commanding General's Quarters, in Danang.
 John W. Reilly
UserEmail:            FTPD01 @AOL.COM MABS-12 MAG-12  1967  Chu Lai L&R Tech.  SGT E-5    Da Nang
Landed at DaNang and spent the first night in a transit building. Had incoming that night and all I thought was what did I get myself into.
DaNang, Chu Lai, Incoming to our flight line catapult, and arresting gear.
Bob Roberts
UserEmail:   H-3/12   1965- 1966   Mechanic     E-4
Awards:               Many. Can't remember them all.   Chu Lai
We were the first large scale unit to arrive.  It was a big mess.  Officer's thought it was like a state side training excersize.
operation Starlite
UserEmail:   2/3 & 1/9 ,3rd mar.div. 1965   infantry/plt radio op.     pfc
Awards:   c.a.r.,p.u.c.( 3 awards,two to reg.'s,one to div.)vsm.,cross of gall. unit cit.,civil action unit cit., vcamp.m.    Da Nang  Hue  Quang Tri      elephant valley,  marble mountain
 April 10th blt 2/3 anphibious assalt to red beach da  nang, then choppers to hue phu by
Everyday,  sweeps,   patrols.   night time ambushes.
LeadersInUnit:   c.o.=lt. bloume
starlite,   golden fleece,   rice havest,   havest moon,hill22/mag16.
UserEmail:            NUNE67@AOL.COM    1ST MAW,MAG12COMM   1969   2511  PFC    CHU-LAI
 Rudy Wirgau
UserEmail:     hotel,2nd battalion,5thmarines    1969   Hospital Corpsman    hm3
 An Hoa
ArrivalInVietnam:    Yes march 15 1969 (21st birthday)
 UnderFire:  Arizona teritory
LookingFor:  L/Cpl. Moore
Robert Sawdy
UserEmail:     W co  Company C of the 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division1966/1967   0331  MachinesGuns     E-3
Awards:               Two Purple Hearts
WhereServed:     Con ThienHueQuang TriA ShauDong Ha    Camp Evans,Gio Lin,Camp Caroll
No runways at Phu Bai,, Hot and Sticky A Whole New World, 
UnderFire:  too  many times to say - 1966-67  where: DMZ,Dong Ha,Gio Lin,Camp Carrol,
What:We had a lot of Good Marines Killed
Wounded:  July 1967 DMZ - Sniper
Sept 1967 road to Camp Carroll - Ambush
DeceasedMembers: A.A. Johnson,  and Gutloff,   Dickey(M.O.H.)Larson, Lee  ,Smith, March 26, 1967: JAMES LAYMAN VERHELST perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Quang Tri. , Sanchez,  Lt. Housh,   Toleson,   Larrabee  and Vanvactor and Bohon
to many faces but not enough NAMES
LeadersInUnit:  Capt.R.D.Kelly,C.O., Lt.Diebert Weapons Plt.C.O.,GySgt.Plt.Sgt.Grant,SSgt.Taylor
Guns Section Leader
LookingFor:  Young,  Sanders

Operations: Deckhouse VI,Desoto,Beacon Hill,Prairie III, Prairie IV,Hickory, Cumberland,Choctaw,Buffalo,Hickory II,
Freemont I-II,Granite,Neosho,Cove,KentuckyTimothy Alessi
UserEmail:            tpalessi@WEBTV.NET Golf 2/3     9/68-10/69   radio, m79, rifleman, loved walking point.....   e3
 Da NangCon ThienQue Son ValleyQuang TriKhe SanhA ShauRock PileDong Ha
 cam lo  dmz many more
ArrivalInVietnam:  hot as hell, I wondered what i got myself into...BUT I love to be in another war , it would be great to feel like a hero....
UnderFire: ambushes, minefield bootytrips snipers us
DeceasedMembers:  it hurts that I do only rememeber only a few names rose, abauer
LeadersInUnit:  Capt. Hargrove  Staff/s McCoy Lt. Murrey
LookingFor: all the above, and all my brothers
opns. Trousdale, Landcaster, Dragon, task force 111,  Roa Vinh, Kentuckey, dewey canyon, maine craig, virginai ridge, idaho canyon, roa vinh..
  Bob Mannion
UserEmail:   9th Motor Transport A co Dong Ha 68/59  1968- 1969     5 ton Truck Driver     L/Cpl
Awards:    PUC;       Da NangCon ThienHueQuang TriDong Ha
One of my buddies was WIA  PFC Louie Armstrong from Calf.(White Dude)
DeceasedMembers:  One Driver killed during TET, before I arived in country.killed up in Khe Sanh.God Bless.
9 Motor transport A Co.I just drove around for 12 months & 25 days looking for snipers.Whitout worrying about the land mines.
 Dale Inman
UserEmail:   Kilo Company 3/4-H/2/4    1966-1967    0331 machine gunner   L Cpl; Awards:               Bronze Star W/ V Purple Heart ,Vietnam Cross of Gallentry;    Da Nang  Con Thien   Hue  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  Rock Pile   Dong Ha     Helicopter Valley
Arrival:  Made an amphibus landing 3/18/66 was at Phu Bai Quantri Dong Ha Hastings-Hill 400-Camp Carrol-The Rock-Hill 65
Wounded: Hastings 66, shrapnel
Remembering Deceased  Members:  

JOHN MICHAEL GEARY was born on January 9, 1941 and joined the Armed Forces while in NEW YORK, NY.  On May 12, 1967, at the age of 26, JOHN MICHAEL GEARY was killed in  Quang Tri Province.
And Remembering: 
Capt. James "JJ" Carrol  KIA and awarded the Navy Cross,
Hill 400 during Operation Prairie

For extraordinary heroism as Commanding Officer of Company K,
Third Battalion, Fourth Marines, Third Marine Division in action
against North Vietnamese Army forces during Operation PRAIRIE
in the Republic of Vietnam from 27 September to 5 October 1966.
On 27 September as Company K moved through a thick jungle
canopy toward Hill 400, the point platoon was hit hard by enemy
automatic weapons fire, electrically detonated mines and booby
traps, and the other platoons of the company came under an
intense mortar attack. Captain Carroll quickly seized a piece of
high ground, and utilizing it for a temporary landing zone was able
to evacuate his wounded quickly and establish a company
defensive position from which he could attack the determined and
well-fortified enemy bunkers that defended Hill 400.
On 28 September, he called in close air support to within fifty
meters of his front lines in an attempt to destroy the enemy
positions which had halted the Battalion for two days. Utilizing
the shock action of bombs and napalm, Captain Carroll and
seven of his Marines crawled to within hand-grenade range of
the enemy. Aggressively and decisively launching the final
assault and gaining a quick foothold on the hill, he employed
the rest of his company to aid in securing the objective then
under heavy counterattack from three sides. Despite a
painful wound from an enemy mortar round, Captain Carroll
continued to direct his men in the securing of the hill. On
5 October while directing supporting fire from Company M,
he was mortally wounded by an exploding shell fragment.
His courageous fighting spirit, great personal valor, and
unswerving devotion to duty served to inspire all who
observed him and were in keeping with the highest
traditions of the United States Marine Corps and the
United States Naval Service.

And Cpl Huffer , KIA.  Many I didn't know their names.

LeadersInUnit:   Capt Modrzejewski ( Medal of Honor) Capt. Carrol
LookingFor:  Humphrey, Gibb  H Smith
UserEmail:   366 th    1966      Da Nang
monkey mountian
 Elton Barksdale
UserEmail:   Ammo Platoon, FLSG near Da Nang   65-66   Ammo Tech   pfc/Lance Corp
Awards:     Vietnam Svc     Da Nang
Arrived via C-130 from Okinawa with about 30-40 other Marines in Sep 66'.  The heat and humidity hit us like a blast furnance!

UnderFire: Was the only Marine who did come under fire in pur unit during the tour.  While on guard duty watching our perimiter a sniper took a couple of potshots - on just by my ear.  I woke my bunker mate Pfc. Wilson and we both returned fire with our M14s.  No more sniper fire after that.  The next morning we went to look for traces of him but all we found were his spent cartridges.
LookingFor: I'd like to get in touch with any Marine who did boot at MCRD San Diego in Platoons 321 or 329 in 1964.  Or who were in F 2/6 at Leijune in 64/65.  Or anyone who was at ASP 1 near Da Nang from Sep 65' to Sep 66'.  Also, hearing from anyone who was in Ammo at Pendleton from 66-early 68' at Las Pulgas.

Often rode shotgun with 9th Motor trucks hauling supplies and ammo.
  michael alkire
UserEmail:    echo 211  1968   arty    e3      navy achievement w/combat "v"           Quang TriA ShauAn Hoa
Arrival    dec 27th 67 ist night at 11th mar hq took incoming rockts and morters
UnderFire:  on convoys and artybase, operations; hue city,mameluke thrust,taylor common
DeceasedMembers:  butch baldwin,  grafton iowa
anhoa, locdien,  phuloc,   phubia,   ashau,   hue city valley,  az territory.  provided arty 105 support.
  ernest d. gonzales
UserEmail:     3 mar div  1968- 1970   hm3  e4    viet nam service and gedunk   Quang Tri    sherwood forest
LookingFor:   3 marine div inda comp  hand clasp program
Mike "MO" Harris
UserEmail:   2nd Bn., 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division   1967-1968    I was a Forward Observer  Sgt.
Awards:   Two Bronze Stars, and three Purple Hearts, Combat Action Ribbon,  Que Son Valley  Hue  A Shau   An Hoa,   Charlie Ridge, Go Noi Island, Phu Nhuans, Phu Lac (6), Phu Loc Valley, Duc Duc Valley, CuBans, LeBacs, Ninh Binh Valley, Nong Son, Ho An, Dodge City, Arizona Territory
ArrivalInVietnam:  I arrived in Vietnam on 29 January 1967. It was hot and humid, and the sun was very bright. Upon debarking from the aircraft I noticed a bunch of coffins draped with US Flags being loaded unto an aircraft.  F-4 Phantoms streaked overhead with a roar, followed by A-4's.

UnderFire:  I came under fire hundreds of times. It happened in and around our base camp at An Hoa.  Also in the Arizona Territory, Go Noi Island, Dodge City, Charlie Ridge, The Phu Nhuans, Phu Lac (6), the Cu Bans, the Le Bacs, Antenna Valley, Ninh Binh Valley, Hoi An, Nong Son, Ques Son Valley, Hue City, Phu Bai, Truoi River Bridge, and Phu Loc Valley.

Wounded:  three times.  2/27/67 at My Loc (2); 9/17/67 during Operation Ballistic Charger near Hoi An; and on 6 February 1967 in Hue City.  Booby trap, enmey RPG, and AK-47 rifle fire.

DeceasedMembers:  Danny P. Riesberg, Ron Reyes, Walt Buschleiter, Mel Newlin on 3-4 July 1967. Mel Newlin was awarded the Medal of Honor. Billy Daugherty, Arthur Byrd, Capt. James Graham, KIA 2 June 1967. Lt. Paul Bertolozzi, KIA 2 Aug 1967. Byron Brown, KIA 9 February 1968.  A multitude of others. All important but I won't list the fifty plus names here.

LeadersInUnit: My Company Company Commanders were. Capt. Bowers, Capt. Blessing, Capt. Kinder, Capt. McKee, Capt. Duffy.  Platoon Sgt. Sgt Foster Lee.

LookingFor: LCpl Ron Hamlin.  He was my radio operator.  We spent 7 long, hard, deadly months together as an FO Team.

I was attached to Echo Company as an 81 Forward Observer, operating out of Fire Support Base at An Hoa, 25 miles southwest of DaNang. My responsibility was to coordinate close fire support from artillery and mortars in defense of Echo Company.
UserEmail:            HANKS@PREXAR.COM FOX CO. 2/3  3RD MARINE DIV.    1967- 68   GRUNT   CPL.  Quang TriKhe SanhRock PileDong Ha, MAI LOC
roger D martin
UserEmail:   13th marines 5th 155 guns sp  1967 1968  1969 1970    1345 dig gun plcements  pfc
Awards:         unit won presidental unit citationall ;  Da NangCon ThienQuang TriKhe SanhRock PileDong Ha     camlo cal lo tam kee Phu Bai
LookingFor:  yes could you pleas help find someone who knows me from then?  some times i think it was all just a nightmare.  I have not seen or heard from any one since i left the battery in 1968 first tour.

we fired direct fire with eight ench howitzers into it i helped at knight dig alot of things under ground.also helped keep the road open op dragon fire;jeb stuart;pegasus;lancaster2;and 12 more
 Robert Moxley
UserEmail:   d 1/9   1968- 1969     grunt   sgt   4 hearts bronze star and more    HueQuang TriKhe SanhRock PileDong HaAn Hoa
UnderFire:  apache snow, dewey canyon and more; Wounded:  1968, 1969

I am writing for my husband looking for leads he did so much I could never retain it all I apologize.  But if any of this hits home please let us know
David Ramos
UserEmail:   1st MAW MAG-12 ChuLai  1968   Legal Clerk/     E4 Corporal   Da Nang     Chu Lai
 It was awful, I arrived in Da Nang the night of the TET Offensive
DeceasedMembers: Sgt Alfred Reyes, KIA, from El Paso Texas.  He was my drill instructor at MCRD platoon 3034.
  neal hullihen
UserEmail:   Hawk Platoon 3rd Plt Alpha Company 3rd Recon   1966 -1970  LCpl    Da NangKhe SanhRock Pile
 Randy Hegge

 golf  2/1     3d plt 1sq   1969-  1970    0311 team leader sq leader   e4
Awards:       two purple hearts;   Da Nang  Que Son Valley   Go Noi Island Dodge City  Arizona Ter.
UnderFire:  may 5 two clicks east of cau ha combat base 5kia 18 wia out of 3 d plt
Wounded: yes twice apr 16 on no name isle an jan 19 on sand burm between cau ha combat base rok taor

Deceased Members:
Capt Frank Adams,  born on November 3, 1939 and from NASHVILLE, TN. KIA March 23, 1970, at the age of 30, in Quang Nam Province.
Cpl David Pugh, born on September 23, 1949 and from CHARLESTOWN, MA. KIA March 15, 1969, at the age of 19, in Quang Nam Provnce.   
Cpl Shelby Carter, born on February 21, 1949 and from DRY PRONG, LA.  KIA on May 8, 1970, at the age of 21, in Quang Nam Province.

LeadersInUnit:  Cap Frank Adams, SSgt Willam Mees SSgtFrank Feigel
LookingFor: Quick Draw McGraw
Op Pipestone Canyon Op Durham Peak
    Norman W Crowe
UserEmail:   H&S Co 1st Tanks/Co F 2nd 1st Marines   1969     0311/0351     Cpl.       Navy and Marine Corps Medal, CAR,      Que Son Valley     Antenna Valley/Dodge City/ Fox Hill/ the Riveria
Under Fire:    Operation Pipestone Canyon, Hot Lz on 15 July 69 and movement to blocking position on that day. heavy machine gun/RPG fire. Overran those positions.
LeadersInUnit:  Plt Sgts-SSGT Penn, SGT Kidd  Plt Cdr 1stLt Little
Operation Durham Peak, unnamed land clearing operation, platoon civil action operation in the Bein Ky area
 Glenn Perry
UserEmail:   D Co. 11th Engrs.   1967     1371 Combat Engr     L/cpl      Con ThienKhe SanhRock PileDong Ha
UnderFire:  Con Thien Camp carrol
LeadersInUnit:  Plt Sarg Savage   LookingFor:  Coons, Rumph, Billy from fla,Studabaker, lil Gunny Morrow
Put the minefield in at Con Thien
  Don Shehan
UserEmail:     2nd Bn 11th Marines 1st Mar Div     1966- 1965    Sg leader    Cpl      Da NangCon ThienQue Son ValleyHueQuang TriRock PileDong HaAn Hoa    Chu Lai
ArrivalInVietnam:    Amphibiuos landing, unaposed until we proceeded further inland
It,s a long story, I came under fire to meny times to count. I was a combat Marine. I was there to kill.
Wounded:  I was hit with scrapnal three times
DeceasedMembers:  My radioman who lost his life. He was a brave Marine I,m haunted to this day about his death
LookingFor:  Kenneth R. Schneider from Colo. and James G. Lewis of Texas or anyone else from my unit  
   paul kellogg
UserEmail:   3rd platoon cmdr, alpha co., 1stBn, 5th Marines      1967           2ndLt
Awards:      bronze star        Que Son Valley    antenna valley, an hoa
arrived may '67, chu lai, assigned a company, 5th marines.  Company engaged w/NVA on hill 110, que son valley. a company hit by friendly air strike during this battle (unior I)
UnderFire:  union I  union II  cochise  yazoo  swift  essex
LeadersInUnit:   CO Capt. Ron Babish - killed Union II  CO Capt. Bobby Brodie  CO Capt. Floyd Giordani
LookingFor:  any marine who served in alpha co. during the above named operations
UserEmail:   CAP 3\4\4   1968  1969   PLATOON  LEADER     E4    Da Nang
LookingFor:  CAP 3\4\4 
 david kersh
UserEmail:   2nd bn 26th marines  khe sanh    67-68   2511    cpl   Hue  Khe Sanh  Dong Ha
UnderFire:  khe sanh  heavy morter and rocket
LookingFor:  rowgo,mccarthy,rodreigus      khe sanh hill 558
  Robert J. Haney  (DOC.)
UserEmail:   1st.Btn.11th.Marines 1st.175m.m. gun Btry.S.P.   1969-  1970    Arty. 0811    E-2+E-3      Da NangAn Hoa     All around An Hoa,China Beach,
ArrivalInVietnam:  I remember real well, I thought we were getting shot down when comming into DaNang.The plane dropped a long way down and I just knew we had been shot out of the sky.
UnderFire:   My first scare in nam was 9-6&9-7-1969.I had just got to nam Aug.27,69.The gooks tryed to over run the hill (34) and we were in a fire mission at the same time.
We would shoot arty. a while then shoot gooks a while.It all started at about 2100hrs. on 9-6 and lasted until daylight 9-7-69.    Reports of gooks pulling there dead out of the wire lasted for it seemed like hours.We did capture one N.V.A.  master sgt.that told we were supposed to have been under rocket and morter fire but it didn't make it or they would have over run us.
LeadersInUnit: Capt.Creig and later was Capt.Meyers
LookingFor:  Yes, Earnie Sizemore, James Hyett and anyone who served with mein Viet Nam
An Hoa, Hill 34,Hill 65, China Beach
   Jeff  Redlick
UserEmail:   13th Engineers, 1st Searchlight Battery (12th MarineRegiment), 3rd Engineer Bn.,5th Engineer Bn.,
  1967    In Vuetnam I was a searchlight operator and later back to my 1141 MOS, electrician engineer.     E-2 & E-3    Combat Action Ribbon,Presidential Unit Commendation,Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon,Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation ( Gallantry Cross Medal ,Vietnam Service Medal with 3 bronze stars,Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation
    Da Nang  Con Thien  Hue  Quang Tri  Dong Ha     Camp Kistler ( Cua Viet )

I arrived in Danang on the USS Paul Revere APA-248, with 1st Searchlight Battery. It was dark and raining in June 1967. We spent the night at the docks, sitting  on our Mules and in our trucks. We heard battle sounds but we had no bearings about where we were or what potiential danger we had around us. In the morning we went up the coast (north) to the Cau Viet River... to Dong Ha, on LSTs. As we floated up the coast  snipers from the tree line took shots at us. We were told to "sit down" on the floor of the boats. The bullets  sounded like bees, zooming  over the boat.

UnderFire:  At Dong Ha there was incoming from rockets and mortars. Same at Camp JJ Carroll. My month at Con Thien was the most intense. 152mm battery  just across the DMZ (1800 meters North) would  pound us for hours.



LeadersInUnit:    Capt. Snider, 1st Sgt Robert H. Brueggenjohann, Sgt. Mike Benson, Sgt. Ben Rushing
LookingFor:  Any Marines who were in 1st Searchlight Battery 1967-68.

When in 1st Searchlight Battery, we supported 12th Marines ( artillery). There were 18 searchlights in the battery. We deployed 2 -4 lights at each camp in I Corps . I was at Camp JJ Carroll and Con Thien. We worked nights and ran "light missions" . Scanning  outside the camp, from the wire in the searchlight's infra red mode. The light had a 75 million candlepower white light (Xeon) arc mode. We used this white light at Con Thien, to illuminate  a NVA probe of infantry ( precursor to a possible overrun). During the day we had work parties. The lights were syncd like the  artillery batteries , so when we saw activity, we called the FDC for incoming (105's or 80mm mortars, depending on how close).  We were part of Secretary McNamra's "Electronic wall" David Salyards
UserEmail:   service battalion 1st battalion 12th marines    1967   Capm Carroll Viet- Nam   shotgun on convoys Supply    L/cplna   Con ThienQuang TriKhe SanhRock PileDong Ha     Camp Carroll
UnderFire:  everyday at Camp Carroll and on the convoys to and from Dong Ha Coien tien rockpile Cam low village kas san 
Wounded:    yes on a ambush outside of Cam Low truck was hit with Mortar May ? 1968
DeceasedMembers:  Yes Casey Caysen mortar hit our tent
LeadersInUnit:  Gunnery Sargent for supply at camp carroll 1968 can't remember name
in supply unit rode shoutgun on supply trucks out of Camp Carroll to all close buy areas
UserEmail:            ACARTER@TELCOMUSA.COM 1ST ENG BN     1966    1371, COMBAT ENGINEER     CPL    Da Nang Hue  Dong Ha
  willie  moultrie

  2nd battalion26marines     1969-  1970     anti-tank weapons-infantry    lcpl.
Awards:     cross of gallantry,service metals,     Da Nang  Que Son Valley   Quang Tri Rock Pile    happy valley, hill10
ArrivalInVietnam: yes,very hot ,dry ,with little breeze crowd of vietnamese gathered watching as the convoy rode pass them.Questions of doubt arosed.
UnderFire:  yes, hill957,mother ridge  came under enemy attack.
Wounded: sharpnel left hand;   DeceasedMembers:  names have been forgotten.
mostly on all manevers patrols were executed.