Completing the Narrative on Vietnam(SM).   Thomas F. Pike

Inputs to our webpages over the years: 1/5CAV       1968,  An Khe, Quan Loi, Tay Ninh,   Michellin Rubber Plantation
I was a rifle platoon leader with A 1/5 from Nov 68 until June 69.
From July 69 until Nov 69 I was an assistant S3 (operations officer) with the 2nd Bde at Song Be.

Clyde Spivey 1/5 CAV,   1-50INF,  1968  An Khe, Bong Son, LZ Uplift. Was only 18 and I was driver on a zippo APC. After we lost most of the zippos, I went to a legg company. WIA on 28 Nov 68. Looking for old buddies. Anyone out there call me at 517-403-1549.

Colonel Bruce B. G. Clarke
UserEmail:                Advisory Team 4, Khe Sanh    Aug '67 to Jul '68   Quang Tri, Khe Sanh. District Advisor in Khe Sanh and Advisor to CG 1 Cav Div for Operation Pegasus.  Looking for Tinh A Nhi, District Chief with me before and during the Siege to KSCB.
Bruce B.G.Clarke
Colonel, US Army (ret)

David Eddins
UserEmail:                227AVN BN  1968    Quan Loi . I served with B Co 227th 1968-1969 at Camp Evans,Quan Loi and Dian.Looking for more of our unit for a reunion along with the VHCMA in Phoenix June 2002.

UserEmail:                2/8CAV,  1966,   An Khe, Bong Son,   An Lao Valley/Sui Ca Valley/Ia Drang Valley, 506 Valley
I arrived at An Khe in May '66 to may '67 Bco 2/8th cav. first ops. was "crazy horse" CPT. JD Coleman was c.o. .started tour as a grenadier moved up to r.t.o. in 2nd plt."blackfoot" was plt. call sign.
Also: Bco 2/8th cav. 1st cav. div. Bco 2/501st inf. 101st abn. div. HHC 173RD ABN. BDE. C & A TROOP 7/17TH air cav.
DURING MY TOUR I HAVE COVERED MOST OF THE I, II, AND III CORPS OPS AREA'S. FAR TO MANY TO RECALL NOW. I WAS shot down/wounded on 8 july '70 just n.e. of l.z. english in binh dinh province. i spent the '68 tet in I corps with the 101st abn div. we patrolled mostly in thua thein province and along the song-bo river. covered most of the high ground west of fire base T-BONE. it was on a mountain top west of hue'

Royal J Sebright Jr. 1/5CAV  1968    An Khe, Quang Tri, Khe Sanh,   A Shau
I was wounded on May 9 1968 on recon in Quang Tri prov.

mike bradley         15th Supply and Transport battalion  1970      Bien Hoa
Earl W Crabtree                    ewcpens@aol 2/7CAV    1966,69,71    An Khe, Bong Son, Quang Tri, Tay Ninh

Ken Moore 5/7CAV   1968    Khe Sanh   A Shau
Served 2/68-1/69 with A/5/7.Was in A Shau Valley, Khe Sanh, Operation Pegasus and Delaware. Full term spent in field in rifle platoon. Last few months as Sgt.E-5 Squad Leader.

James Ross               1/5CAV      1966      Bong Son
With Mongoose Bravo 1st/5th Bong Son 8/66 until 11/66 went with Brigade LRP. Worked out of LZ Oasis along border and out of Plei Mei SF Camp and Duc Cou SF Camp. Then went with as first Teams for Division LRRPs. Based out of Rock Quarry An Khe. DEROSed 8/67.

  Bob Van Camp 5/7CAV      1968      An Khe  Hue   Quang Tri   Khe Sanh    A Shau   Quan Loi
Infantry mos served in all Cav operations during 1968 Went to Hue for Tet,khe Sanh,A Shau,spent months playing donkey in base area 114 outside camp evans, worked Cambodian border west of Ouan Loi,saw a lot of shit, enough to last me for a lifetime.

Phil Patterson     1/7CAV        1965-66    Ia  Drang Valley Battle
 My brother Sp4 Michael l. Patterson was in the cut off 2nd. plt at Ia Drang on Nov. 14,1965. His name is found in Chpt. 7 of "We Were Soliders Once...and Young". He received the Bronze Star & Purple Heart.He passed away in 1984. Feel free to add his name to unit roster 1/7 cav.Feel Free to post my data also. Thank You, Phil Patterson

gerald boldenow 2/5CAV    1968     Bong Son   Hue  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh
I went in the field 1Jan 68 to thansgiving day 68. pegasus concordia square jeb stuart were major operations.

Frank Ortiz 1/5CAV    1967    Bong Son    Quang Tri
Rifleman March 67-68  Bong Son Plains Phu Bai Quan-Tri Province.
Rifleman C co 1st of 5th cav. Cptn. Little, Cptn.Terry. Oct7-67 506 Valley Sgt Van Meter Killed 16 Days Prior To Rotate,Jan9-68 Crow Foot Valley Sgt McDonald Killed 28 Days Prior,Devastating.

Mike Jones   1/9CAV   1969   Quan Loi
Scout observer (LOH), hit either March 16th or 18th 1970(still not clear) An Loc.   Anybody out there who was there.  My bird was "Easy Rider", hard to piece together memories and buddies.

  Bill Martin      1/8CAV     1967-  1968  An Khe   Bong Son   Que Son Valley  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  A Shau   Dai Dong, Gia Dang, An Lo
Off LZ English in Bong Son, killer teams, night ambushes, Battle of Dai Dong (Tam Quam) 6 December 1967. Platoon Medic. 67-68. Hump and bump strategy. Never knew quite where I was!!

Mitchell Lee Seagraves     1/21 Artillary  "B" Battery    1968     Que Son Valley  Hue  Quang Tri   Khe Sanh  A Shau  Tay Ninh   We were with 3rd Battalion and fired for 1/7,2/7,5/7,1/12 & 2/12.I got to LZ Leslie about 20Dec67.  Didn't even have to go to jungle school.  I was one of two on the illumination gun when we got overrun 3Jan68. We were only gun firing

  frank c naglee      (Other)     headquater co.   nov 65 to nov 66    An Khe  i was a specialist 5 headquaters company (personel records) team-5 an khe  next to hong cong mountain out side of sin city

Doug Clarke     1966   An Khe.    I arrived in Vietnam at Pleiku in June of 1996 and departed in June of 1967. I was based at An Khe where I was assigned to the H&HQ Co. & Support Command as an intelligence analyst. I then became part of the 2nd Forward Support Element where I spent time at many LZ's doing various guard, search & destroy missions, and overall support. I spent time at LZ English, LZ Uplift, LZ Dog, and spent a month at a marine base in northern Vietnam. I had an in-country R&R at Vung Tau and an out-of-country R&R in Hong Kong. After my tour of duty I finished my last six months at Ft. Bragg NC. I have lost contact with most of my buddies and would like to know how to go about looking them up.

Neal Wolf    1/5CAV   1967    An Khe  Bong Son   Hue  Quang Tri   I was a rifleman and mchine gunner from April 67-68. I was with the 2nd platoon and have great memories of the guys I served with. Such as: Joe Vivitito, Gary Clayton, 1st Sgt. Robert Fowler, and many others.

David Courchane 2/20 ARA    1966     Dec. 1966 to April 1968  An Khe  Bong Son  Quang Tri  I was an ammo humper for ARA in B Btry, 2/20 ARA.  Was at LZ Oasis, LZ Hammond, LZ Two Bits (3 times), Ba To, LZ SANDRA, LZ Betty (Phan Thiet), LZ English, LZ JANE, LZ Stud, and medivac to LZ Montezuma once.

Michael Crutcher 1/5CAV       1969      1970   Quan Loi    Cambodia
Operations along the Cambodian border and then into Cambodia in late spring into early July.  I was the E Co Cdr from early April through early July.

  Richard Tackett 1/8CAV     1966        An Khe   Bong Son   Que Son Valley   Quang Tri   Khe Sanh   A Shau      happy-valley
m-60 machine gun crew

Stephen w. Voelker C Co 1/5 Cav    1968   Quang Tri   Hue City 68   Khe Sanh   I was a platoon leader in Charlie Co. 1/5 Cav. I came in October 67 and left in May 68. I served in the Bong Son, The first battle for Quang Tri City and the countryside outside of Hue for Tet 68. We worked the Street without Joy. Until operation Pegasus. We were left behind-attached to the Marines when the rest of the division went into th A shau. I was wounded on May 4, 1968.

Clarence T Jones        SFCTALLY01@AOL.COM 1/8CAV    1968  to    1969   An Khe  Hue   Quang Tri   Tay Ninh 
SP/5 Jones(Doc Soul)Atached to C Co 1/8 2/6 9er and 6 9er Aug.68 Aug.69

   FRANK WELCH       USER688335@AOL.COM 11AVN GP    1965      An Khe  Bong Son

Murray Gibbs   15th Med Bn      1967 Medevac An Khe  Bong Son  Hue  Quang Tri   A Shau
I was a door gunner in the 15th Med Bn/Medevac, 1st Cav Div.  I first started flying out of Ankhe, then Lz Englist, Lz Uplift, Kontom and later in 68 up to Hue, Quang Tri and A Shau Valley

Mike Scovel 227AVN BN   1968  Lai Khe
I was a Mechanic and the Company artist. designed our company patch. It was a Fighting cock with lightning bolts in it's talons.The pilots prefered my cartoon chicken better (a drunk lookin' leghorn)so I painted that one the nose (battery compartment door)of our slicks.My art has become a full time career and am now sculpting Veteran's Monuments in Texas.

Ralph O Clemings   Combat tracker team #7    1967     An Khe   Bong Son
Crazy horse lz two bits

LUTHER W. LASSITER 2/8CAV    1966    An Khe  Bong Son  suoi cau valley& ia-drang
first mission was operation crazy horse moved on to davy crockett I&II, NATHAN HALE worked in the bon-blec and tuy-hoa areas was in support and reserve for L.Z. BIRD christmas '66.

John R. Sellers    1/21 field artillery    1967-1968   RankinVietnam:             e-5
RankWhenLeftTheArmy:         e-8, WhereServed:                  An Khe  Khe Sanh
My father was a Sargent at the that time. My father saved a battery from falling into enemies hands by exposing himself in small arm fire in order to direct artillery fire on opposing forces with this information I would like to upgrade his awards to the medal of honor

  Richard H Jones A Battery 1/30 155MM   1968 RankinVietnam:                Sgt
WhereServed:                  Bong Son  Que Son Valley  Hue  Quang Tri  Khe Sanh  A Shau    Tay Ninh
I checked the Unit list that you have and It does not include the 1/30 Arty. I am sure if you were out in the bush, and need help the 155's were there (Red Leg). LZ Ross, LZ Jane LZ Nancy, Hue.

  Jerry Alldredge 2/8CAV      1965-  1966      Rifle platoon leader- Co B 2nd of the 8th    RankinVietnam:                2nd Lt
  An Khe  After 30 days on troop ship we, 3000 members of the 1st brigade, landed at Quinon. Hot and mugy and afraid of what I would find in this Vietnam war.

roger blauvelt 15th transportation   1968   aircraft mech 67n   RankinVietnam:                sp4,   RankWhenLeftTheArmy:   MSG
fixed hueys and cobras at camp evans and the phu loi

Larry Scott jp/4 hauler for the air cav LZ English   1967   hauling jp/4 for lz's around LZ English;   Bong Son     SP/5
Arrived Camron Bay,I remember it was very hot and muggy the day i arrived.   I did not report one wound that i recived when the ammo dump blew up in Sept 67. I hauled jp/4 for the air cav units around the LZ English area. Uplift TWO BITS LZ PONY and others that i can't recall

  Stan Correll 1/8CAV    1969  pfc 2nd tour Sgt.     Bong Son  ArrivalInVietnam:  An Khe, 1st Cavs base camp. The heat and Humidity, and so many Hueys. They seemed to cover the sky.  Wounded:    Gun shot wound to the left knee and Tibia and Fibia. In Bong Song Valley. On 3/21/67.   One of our companys had made contact with a NVA unit in the valley. The next day we moved off of LZ Sharon? on the opposite end of the Valley. We didnt go vaery far before we to made contact. Our fight lasted all day. I got hit approx. 1:00pm my Squad Leader was killed shortly after. His name was Sgt. Joseph Jordan, and he was the finest, Bravest man I have ever had the privalge to know. He is on panel 17E, Row6 on the Wall.
JACK JOSEPH JORDAN JR was born on October 23, 1942 and joined the Armed Forces while in COLUMBIA, MS.   He served as a 11B10 in the Army.  In 1 year of service, he attained the rank of PFC/E3.   On March 2, 1968, at the age of 25, JACK JOSEPH JORDAN JR perished in the service of our country in South Vietnam, Gia Dinh. You can find JACK JOSEPH JORDAN JR honored on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Panel 42E, Row 34.

Russell E. Young C Bttry. 2nd Bn. 19th Arty     1969       Fire Direction Control   SP5
WhereServed:     Tay Ninh;   LZ White, LZ Tracy, LZGrant LZ Caroline. Arrival was very hot and humid, also dusty.  Arrived in Ben Hoa

Norman C. Knodt      C Trp, 1-9 Cavalry, 1st Cav  Div      Jan 68 - Jan 1969  Quang Tri Khe Sanh  A Shau
I was a Warrant Officer and helicopter pilot flying armed UH-1B,C helicopters.  Two of my commanders were Maj. Alan Mathews, and Maj John Toolson.  I was involved in operations in Quang Tri, Khe Sahn and the A Shau during and immediately after the Tet Offensive in 1968.  I was also involved in operations in the Parrot's Beak area of 3 Corp in November and December of 1968.
I was not wounded and fortunately no one serving on board any of my aircraft was wounded, even though we took hits to the aircraft on several occasions.  As you are probably aware, our unit provided aerial reconnaisance and close support for infantry units of the 1st Cav Div.  We also were involved with mapping enemy anti-aircraft positions and possible LZ sites for the insertion into the A Shau Valley in the spring of 1968.

RankinVietnam:                SP4, Awards:                       COMINDATION MEDAL,
SpecialSkillBadges:          Ranger,   BEARCAT
CircumstancesUnderFire:  BEARCAT -JUNE 69 ROCKET ATTACK

Robert w smith
West Virginia 1/21 Artillery      1969    RankinVietnam:                e5; Awards:                       Bronze star
WhereServed:                  Quan Loi  Tay Ninh  Cambodia
Vietnam was very hot. sticky, the smell was not like anything i had ever smelled. Under fire at FSB buttons ellen,jerry. some others i dont recall, not WIA  thank GOD.  LookingFor: Any body who was with c btry 1 of the 21 arty 69/70. So long ago i cant recall, Cambodia would stand out i guess.

Walker Jones 1/9CAV   1970- 1971; helicopter pilot, WO1;    Tay Ninh,  Phouc Vinh
I was a Warrant Officer Scout and Cobra pilot with Charlie Troop in 1970-71. Got there in time for the first Cambodia Incursion as a Scout, based in Phouc Vinh, and the second Cambodia Incursion in 1971 as a Cobra pilot, working out of Tay Ninh.  Trying to locate all former 1/9th guys and our KIA families

Earl Holmberg 11AVN GP    1967    Crash and Rescue        Spec4;  Army Commendation Medal for Heroism
WhereServed:  An Khe  Bong Son  Quang Tri
Getting off the jet the first thing was the heat. I asked the bus driver on the way to Transition Center what the bars on the windows were for. He said to keep the hand grenades out.
Some mortar attacts at LZ Two Bits in the summer of 1967 and rocket attack at Camp Evans in March of 1968 causing ammo dump fire.
LookingFor:   Frank Duffy, John Caldwell and Steve Kramer.
Responded to aircraft crashes first of all as tailboard fireman and then took postition of crew chief. Stationed at An Khe from April to June, LZ Two Bits from June until January of 1968 and Camp Evans until going home in April of 68.

  Norman C. Knodt   C Trp, 1-9 Cavalry, 1st Cav  Div   1968    Jan - Jan 1969   Quang TriKhe SanhA Shau
I was a Warrant Officer and helicopter pilot flying armed UH-1B,C helicopters.  Two of my commanders were Maj. Alan Mathews, and Maj John Toolson.  I was involved in operations in Quang Tri, Khe Sahn and the A Shau during and immediately after the Tet Offensive in 1968.  I was also involved in operations in the Parrot's Beak area of 3 Corp in November and December of 1968.
I was not wounded and fortunately no one serving on board any of my aircraft was wounded, even though we took hits to the aircraft on several occasions.
As you are probably aware, our unit provided aerial reconnaisance and close support for infantry units of the 1st Cav Div.  We also were involved with mapping enemy anti-aircraft positions and possible LZ sites for the insertion into the A Shau Valley in the spring of 1968.

bill rogers   1/30 th. artillery  '67 into '68  artillery    e-4  Bong Son and a couple of other places. don't remember names. HELP! Where was I???  anyone remember what area the 1/30th. went to during the Tet offence? It was up north somewhere.  Mortar & rocket attacks. Ambushed. s mallarms fire.
anyone who served in the 1/30 artillery.
service battery or 'C' battery. Gary
Johnson {medic}. Tom Brett, Eddie
Hernandez {or Fernandez? hey, sorry Eddie
but its been a long time! :)... Ammo
section guys. '67 into '68. Bong Song.
Various L.Z's. Up north at 'Tet'....  

Jim Lewis HHC  1/9CAV     1969      RTO   PFC Bronze Star, Air Metal  Phouc Vinh
Arrival was night and the smell was very bad, I learned later that it was our own KIA's being readied for transport back home. I'm not sure if that was true but it sure did hit home. Other than the smell it was like being in a Tarzan movie, very primative structures.
Incoming several times a week. They really liked us. LookingFor: Richard Griffin.
Served with the HHC 1/9th Cav in Phouc Vinh as RTO in the TOPC (S-3). MOS was ATC.

Juan Cintron    8 Combat Eng.   1966  11B20 and 12B20   pfc  Bronce Star with "V",Purple Heart,Arcom,Cross of Gallantry,Viet Nam Honor medal,Precidential unit citation   An Khe  Bong Son   Phumy,Plaiku
When we landed in Saigon. The runway was under attack.We ran out of the plane to the bunkers.
Ambush 8 Dec 1966 around Village of Phumy
(In betwen Ankhe and Bongson)
Wounded:  Out of three of us I'm the only survivor.  I was hit in the left foot,left knee,left arm,left neck and two small frags in the head.
I was looking for Col Charles Olentine,But he died around 4 years ago.
Base camp was Hammond Air Field,Ankhe.
I was a "Pig Humper"(m-60 gunner)
Our mission  S&D to clear hwy 1 of bobby traps toward LZ Pony.

Bob Hillerby B1/9 Cav   1966    Combat Photographer (84B20)    Sp4   An KheBong SonA Shau
I flew over in Sept. 66' and will always remember TWO THINGS as we exited the aircraft........the incredible HEAT, and the intense SMELL!
I was under fire on numerous occassions. To tell when, where, etc. would fill pages!
I was initially assigned to the 69th Signal Bn and worked out of an HQ at Tn San Nhut airbase in Saigon. From there, I was deployed to various units to photograph combat operations. After about three months of this, I was sent to a photo detachment at An Khe.
My photo team spent most of our time in the field with B 1/9, covering their operations out of LZ Two Bits. We were later moved north, near Dong Ha.

UserEmail: 1/8CAV       jumping mustangs     1969- 1970   LZ pathfinder and LT veh dvr   PFC and SP/4
SpecialSkillBadges:          Pathfinder,    An KheQuan LoiTay Ninh
Hot and humid incoming rockets and morters same day i was sent to ankhe from there i was sent to tayninn  1/8 cav from there we worked out of LZ rock after that we went to phoucvinn and cuchi i was sent to  LZ lois   from there to FB andy (quang loi) where we worked out of  LZ wescott we worked the anloc and locninn area then they sent me LZ buttons (SONGBE)where we worked the budop area my last duty was LZ judy then home RA 18922514
QUANGLOI (LZ ANDY) we got over ran  LZ ROCK A and D comp was hit very hard for three days LZ LOIS enemy boobytrapped our helo pad three lost  SONGBE (LZ BUTTONS)we got rockets and morters daly
Wounded: shrapnel in my legs from morters

john gillette 1970       morning report clerk     pfc  sp/4   bien hoa army base  morning report clerk-15th admin comapny at bien hoa army base.
  Richard Tackett
UserEmail:           1/8CAV     1966       M/60 MACHYINE GUN CREW   PFC   SP/4    CIB, PRESIDENT CITATION    An KheBong SonQue Son ValleyQuang TriKhe SanhA ShauCambodia


   Robert B Heath
UserEmail:           1/8CAV   1966  1st Cav.  An Khe     2nd Lt.  1 bronze star on first tour..1966    2 more second tour.  1971    An KheQue Son ValleyKhe SanhA Shau
Arrival:  A steep descent into Ton Sa Nhut airport in Saigon.  All the buses had sandbags and mesh over the windows.  Chow was lousy. 
For three months in 1966 as platoon leader B Company 1/8th.  We were air assault and chased Charlie all over Vietnam.   Happy Valley, LZ Horse, Soui Ca Velley, and some others, can't recall all the places.
We were under fire about every other day (or more)  We were fired on for 15 days in a row.
Wounded: No.  Come close a couple times.  Bullets digging into the trees above my head.
LookingFor:  2nd Lt. Michael Livengood  1/8th Cav.   Artillery Support.  Forward Observer in our Unit.
I was in the big battle in the Ia Drang valley with B Company 1/8th.  22 June 1966
We had a 138 body count..  coulda been more.

William (Bill) Bertlng
UserEmail:                First Air Cav Div, 2nd Platoon, 545 MP Company       Jun67-Jun 68
WhereServed:                       Khe Sanh,     LZ Uplift, LZ Jane, LZ Stud, Bong Son
Walker Jones
UserEmail:           1/9CAV   1970-   1971;      Scout and Gun pilot,   WO1;    Tay NinhCambodia,  Phouc Vinh
LookingFor: All former 1/9thh Charlie Troopers
Started life as a Scout pilot for the beginning of the 1st Cambodia Incursion.   Received a Vung Tau Cobra transition and did the 2nd Cambodia Incursion 'at altitude'.  Lots of shit in between.  Served with the best men and the best Unit that sat foot in that damned place.

Alex J. Dziekonski 2/8CAV      pony team 1      1966   11C - pony team 1  E-4  Airborne   Ranger  An Khe
  Warren Halle
UserEmail:          2nd B 2nd artillary    1968      Door gunner and artillary      pfc
WhereServed:                 Khe SanhQuan LoiTay Ninh 
I was very scared because it had a very bad smell. That smell was of death and it has never left me.  During the tet offence and we lost 75% of our gun battery Many other times.
Wounded:  I recieved the purple heart the night ho chi mim died. I can't remember what day it was. aall I new was all hell broke loose.
We were transfered to protect Sigon. We were in the Khe Sanh valley before that.
William C Fritz 1/21 arty  1972    medic  sp4     HueQuang TriKhe SanhA ShauCambodia Arrived hot and very busy in Cam Ron Bay ... another world, another unexplored reality.
CircumstancesUnderFire:  occasionaly when the rubber plantiation got jumpy
transfered into 1/21 from 2/17air cav 101st was assigned to HHQ and spent time on 3-4 firebases out of Bien someplace as a medic
  1/9CAV    It was E-Troop,before that it was  D-Co 227 AHC.      70-thru 71        My mos was 67y20 Cobra gun ship mechanic,i also worked on the Uh-1h, oh-58,and oh-6a,iwas also a crew member  door guner on the Uh-1,and flew observer  on scout missions,Hunter killer team;    PFC
Awards:                      Viet nam service metal,Bronze star.
   HueKhe SanhA ShauCambodia;   Lai-kay area ,the centeral Highlands,Plea-khu area.
 I remember when we arived in viet nam it was in Ben-wha,aug 70 it was very hot and humid you could smell what i found out later that it was burning human shit,it was awful.
When we flew hunter killer team,s we actually flew low and huvered to intentional draw fire to locate the enemy. when i was in Lai kay we got mortered quite often we were in a rubber tree plantation a lot of rounds exploded in and after it hit the trees, one time we were hit at night everyone was at the movies and a round (morter) hit the officers barracks luckly ther was no one there.I and a couple of fellow troopers were in Phugh-Vihn and we attacked every day they caught a hootch maid paceing distances, for corridance rhey killed her on the spot. one time we got hit by a morter attack, i was in a room that they used as a barber shop it was the closest hootch to the flight line and a helicopter was hit within yard,s of the hootch, they sent a crew out and they killed the gooks that were shooting at us and they recovered a 79mm recoiless rifel and a cash of other ordinances,and brought them back to to company area.ther is a lot of other times that we were attacked,to many to !
Wounded:  No but when i was flying door gunner we got hit with small arms fire and a 51 cal ,I was sitting on my chicken plate an a round came up through one of the skids and almost through the chicken plate that i was sitting on.

LookingFor: I am,i have located and talked to a couple of guys two piolet,s and a friend from alabama Ronald Justice,i have a partial list but im looking for a unit Roster,i now a lot of last names but that not enough to locate them, like Beach, Dunn,Jamison ect,i sure hope that you can help,i remember one name he was my best friend,Mike Gaylon.
I remember when we were in camp evans near the DMZ during the counterfencive of 71 we were on guard duty in thoes high towers we would shoot up parachute flares and see NVA out a click or so we were attacked and almost over run we had sappers in the wire and in the company area, we called for support they brought cobras in, they fired so close that they over shot and killed some of our own,guys when i flew door gunner i was shot down three times and we all survived, some of the other hueys came and picked us up, another time i remember when we were in Lai-kay I volentered to go on a recovery mission a cobra gun ship was shot down not to far away the piolet was shot through the head he had his helmet on,we dident want to take it off because his head was scrambled in side his helmet, the co piolet had to land the helicopter,he was wonded shot through the hand, we were under constant enemy fire as we recovered the helicopter

W. M. Sullivan,  aka Gaucho
Avn Plt, HHC, 1st BDE 1st Cav(AM)   1968     Scout Pilot   WO-1
Awards:                      Disting'd Flying Cross, Brnze Star, Air Mdl  w/47 OLC, RVN Cross of Gallantry, etc.       Quang TriQuan LoiTay Ninh;    I, III, and IV Corps
Arrival In Vietnam:   I must have been sober by then. What was it like? Hot. Hotter than I expected. It took at least three weeks to get used to that heat.
UnderFire:  As a Scout??  At least once a week in the I Corps; probably every other day in III Corps, Not often in IV Corps. We were looking for them. They either hid, or they showed us where they were!  Not Wounded.. Lucky as hell on that one. Wait -- do you count hitting trees?

Larry Tidmore   c battery 1st and 21st arty  1970    c btry 1st 21st arty
RankinVietnam:               e2
WhereServed:                 Bong SonQuang TriQuan LoiCambodia
ArrivalInVietnam: yes Jan 1970  it was HELLType your paragraph here.